6-Month Advanced Ascension with Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild

14:00 - 16:00 CET
Online via Zoom

About this event

A high level ascension container a live webinar and activation series, teachings, q&a and soul tribe connections with Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild

After the Lion’s Gate 2023, we will experience a completely new frequency on Earth. We will have the opportunity to enter a timeline of higher spiritual embodiment, wisdom, and remembrance. It will be a powerful period of taking our spiritual mission to the next level.

Tim Whild and Mia Kafkios have both been active as teachers and way showers on the collective ascension path for many many years. They have now after their powerful 6-month ascension journey in 2022, been called by their family of light and ascension guardian teams, to assist with a profound 6-month Advanced Ascension experience.

The intention of this advanced ascension experience is to activate and strengthen your Lightbody, become a master of your spiritual journey, connect with your soul tribe, and in unity do this journey together. The intention is also to assist you with material that you can use whenever you are in need of a clearing, healing activation, integration, or grounding assistance.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to this journey or if you have been on it for a long time. The activations and teachings will be energetically advanced, but you will always receive the work at your individual consciousness level, and it will always assist you in your highest individual capacity.

This will be an online journey starting 20th of September 2023 and go on for 6 months. The material will be eternal and endlessly powerful to use even after this period. Tim and Mia will have a live webinar activation each month, an energetic focus theme for the group field each month, a monthly live Q&A answering all questions from the members, and a closed forum for those that have committed to this powerful 6-month journey.

Find out more in Tim and Mia’s recent video:

We hope that you will join us on this life-changing experience. You will feel it in your heart and on a soul level if this is calling for you.  It will be a beautiful journey and experience, that will take you to the next level on your ascension path. Living a spiritual life here on earth in more ease, grace, love, and empowerment, in self-mastery, and in unity with your soul tribe.

In deep gratitude and huge excitement,
Tim and Mia

Monthly Focus

FOCUS SEPTEMBER: Advanced Grounding
FOCUS OCTOBER: Advanced Clearing
FOCUS NOVEMBER: Advanced Healing
FOCUS DECEMBER: Advanced Connection
FOCUS JANUARY: Advanced Activation
FOCUS FEBRUARY: Advanced Upgrade

For each month, there will be one (1) Q&Aone (1) live webinar, and one (1) PDF.

By booking your spot to this life changing journey, you will also gain access to an exclusive Facebook Group to connect with Tim and Mia.

What’s Included

  • The monthly webinars are presented LIVE on Zoom.
  • The monthly webinars replay, easily accessed thru an app.
  • The monthly Q&A sessions are presented thru Zoom.
  • The monthly Q&A sessions replay, easily accessed thru an app.
  • Advanced Grounding Techniques – PDF
  • Advanced Clearing Techniques – PDF
  • Advanced Healing Techniques – PDF
  • Advanced Connection Techniques – PDF
  • Advanced Activation Techniques – PDF
  • Advanced Upgrade & Integration techniques – PDF
  • A strong energetic group field that will speed up your ascension and awakening.
  • A forum to connect and interact with your soul tribe and experience this journey together.
  • Online access to all materials after the course.

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