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Following on from the Divine Alchemy workshop in January, Tim Whild will be hosting a two-hour session dedicated to using the Violet Flame on our ascension pathway.

During his years on the spiritual pathway Tim has encountered many ways of advancing himself (and others) whilst living here on Earth. Planet Earth is encountering some incredible changes and we are now entering the seventh year since the Cosmic Moment…this is the year that the real changes are beginning to show themselves.

Our fellow Lightworkers, humans, animals, trees and Mother Earth herself need as much assistance as we can muster and the Violet Flame is one of the most powerful tools that we can use.

Ascended Master St Germain has been quoted to say that the Violet Flame has the ability to change the entire transition to the Golden Age very quickly, all we need to do is act in unison to implement this.

This workshop will be dedicated to working directly with the planet and those around us, and the best part about it is that we can do it as much as we want thanks to the Law of Grace.

During the two hours online you will be working with –

  • The Law of Grace – what is this and how does it affect our spiritual work?
  • Calling in the Masters of the Violet Flame – Archangels and Ascended Masters will be joining us to assist us with our work
  • Personal balancing and clearing with the Violet Flame – clear our past, current and future timelines with a powerful download of the Violet Flame/Lilac Fire of Source
  • Specific Targets – Prior to the event Tim will ask for attendees to specify places on Earth that they know will benefit from the Violet Flame during the workshop
  • Dragons of the Violet Flame – These souls joined our process in 2014…find out how and why
  • The New Version of the Violet Flame – As our collective frequency rises new layers of this incredible energy become available. Connect with and use the version that has become available in 2019!
  • Calling in a planetary downpouring of the Violet Flame. This is a powerful group exercise that has a profound effect on everyone and everything living on Earth and we will be implementing this during the last part of the workshop

Tim will be very happy to answer any questions that you have during the workshop so have them ready or send them to timwhild@timwhild.com before Saturday 23rd February.

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