The way of the Sovereign being – Calling of the Higher Self Online Zoom Workshop with Tim Whild & Paul Dobree-Carey

17:00 - 19:00 BST (GMT +1)
Online via Zoom

About this event

Join Tim and Paul for an intense 2-hour online zoom webinar to connect with your Sovereign power, teach you everyday tools for your own personalised use and receive practical advice to assist you in this process.

Transmuting and Transforming

Before we embark on a new frequency spiral of Unity consciousness in 2021, we find ourselves still moving through an extremely challenging phase of our spiritual ascension on Earth that has brought much of the darkness into the Light for transmuting and transforming.

It is from within this Darkness we are called to face our deepest fears, overcome the issues they create and rise up again into a new existence. And that is exactly what many of us have been doing – in so many ways.

Connecting to the Divine within

During the webinar, we will look at:

  • Overcoming the power of the Shadow Self
  • Revealing key issues and growth potential
  • Provide practical and proven methods to use
  • Who are we becoming? What needs to be done? How long will it all take?

Your Calling to Higher Service

Your ‘Calling’ arises from amongst the ashes of all the challenges you have already faced and are facing now. To take on a role of higher service that brings about the awakening of your spiritual skills to transform and transmute through intention that which you choose to focus upon. How you go about achieving this is often not revealed in advance.

You are a vessel of spiritual service – as a result of the work you have done to create a positive Service to Self orientation in order to bring about a positive Service to Other way of living.

Since the Cosmic Moment of 2012, during the last eight years, Paul and Tim have been active providing spiritual toolkits, practical advice and etheric guidance in many previous successful Webinars and workshop events – including video, blog and social media posts to a global audience.
Benefit from the guidance of two knowledgeable teachers known for their genuine and authentic connection to multiple aspects of Source.

About Paul Dobree-Carey

Paul has spent over a decade developing a higher understanding of Spirituality exploring many modalities and ancient practices with Ascended Masters. He works primarily with the Law of One and the Sacred Principles of Light providing Soul Guidance of Universal Consciousness and the evolution of the Ascension Process.

We would love for you to join us on the 22 September 2020. Please make the time and space if you can.

Cost: £44 – Access to live Zoom online workshop event (book early as there are limited places for this event). For those unable to attend the Live Event, a recording of the live transmission will be available for purchase following the event. Details will be provided on the web page after the Event has taken place.

Paul and Tim

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