Clear Quartz Crystal Unicorn


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Beautiful Clear Quartz Crystal Unicorn With Golden Healer ✨


length-11cm  x width 11cm


Unicorn energy is some of the most powerful vibrations that we have been gifted with on our spiritual pathway, and it is said that when a Unicorn comes to you then you are about to take off!

Unicorns work on the Ray of Grace which supersedes ‘normal’ Earthly laws and quite often their presence can denote a miracle, or a dramatic change in circumstances.

This Unicorn carving allows them to easily anchor their energies here on Earth and enables us to work effortlessly with them if we choose to do so (or visa versa). Clear quartz is a powerful conductor for ascension energies.

Love & blessings, Tim 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

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