Crystal Grid- Unicorn


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Powerful Unicorn Crystal Grids.

Grid Size-A3

Quality Paper/Matt Laminated.

Crystal grids give the user an opportunity to have a ready-made power source to connect with the Higher Realms.

Each grid has been Intuitively created to harness and focus the energy depicted, and will attract/magnify the frequency that the user wishes to connect with.

Unicorn Grids allow high frequency Unicorn souls to connect their Light in. Unicorns work on the Ray of Grace and their light is so powerful it can completely alter your spiritual pathway and place you on your highest mission! 

Each grid is set with Crystal Points that are in alignment with sacred geometry and will project the field of the grid for as far as you want it to.

They are perfect for meditation spaces, homes, offices, and workshop areas.

Love & Blessings, Tim 🙏🏻❤️


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