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Lemurian Crystal/Deep Etched Timline


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Lemurian Quartz Crystal/ Deep Etched Timeline/Touch of Golden Healer ✨

Weight-600g…length-18cm x width-7,5cm


This is a powerhouse of a crystal and all Lemurian crystals have an individual mission. This individual mission will mean that they will seek out the person who is resonating with the blueprint of the work that they wish to achieve.

A Lemurian crystal such as this would take several lifetimes to fill with information and they have an almost limitless capacity for connecting to the highest frequencies available to us. The deep etched timeline on this crystal indicates the presence of stored archives of information that will become readily available as the frequency rises on our planet!


Love & blessings, Tim 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

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