Clear Quartz Green Mountain Crystal


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Beautiful Clear Quartz Crystal With 3 Pale Green Mountains✨


Size- length-11cm x 5cm.


This gorgeous piece of quartz is filled with light codes and ancient information that has been stored over the many eons that the crystal took to form. The green mountains contain alchemy blueprints fro transforming the Earth from 3D to 5D and Master Merlin has agreed to add his energy to the attunement.
Ascended Master Merlin has a place as an advisor for the Intergalactic Council and is a Master of Earth having spent many lifetimes here working through some of the toughest challenges that our planet can present.
This crystal is beautiful to look at but it is also a powerful tool for the Light.


Love Tim 💎💎💎


(This crystal will be sent (tracked) worldwide which is included in the price )