Stunning Chevron Amethyst Crystal Skull


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Chevron Amethyst Crystal Skull ✨💜✨


Size-Length-9cm x width-6cm x Height-7cm.

All crystal skulls are special but the Chevron Amethyst brings real extra sparkle to the show. This skull has a clear and visible triangle on its forehead/third eye and the energy that it has called to be attuned to is Commander Ashtar.
Commander Ashtar is the head of the Intergalactic Fleet that is assigned to keep Earth safe from extraterrestrial interference whilst moving through the ascension process. The skull has been linked to his energy so that he may connect to the Keeper and visa-versa. It will assist anyone on the ascension pathway to receive loving guidance from Ashtar whilst looking at what is occurring around the world from a higher perspective.


Love Tim 🙏🏻💜🔱💜


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