The Fifth Dimensional Chakra Column/ Twelve Heart Crystals


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The Fifth Dimensional Chakra Column/Twelve Crystal Hearts ♥️

20g each/ 3x3cm

1-The Stellar Gateway (Tigers Eye)
2-The Soul Star- (Magenta Cat Eye)
3-The Causal-(Moon White Cat Eye)
4-The Crown-(Mookaite)
5-The Third Eye-(Green Jade)
6-Throat-(Bright Blue Cat Eye)
7-Heart-(White Quartz)
8-Solar Plexus- (Gold/Orange Aventurine)
9-Naval-(Orange Agate)
10-Sacral-(Pink Rose Quartz)
11-Base-(Platinum/ grey Opal)
12-Earth Star-(Deep grey/Labradorite)

Love Tim 🙏🏻💜

(These crystals will be sent tracked worldwide which is included in the price)