Video calls have proved to be an incredible way to connect people around the world and after a break of eighteen months Tim is now offering one-to-one sessions again.

These hour-long sessions will be tailored to each individual and can consist of any (spiritual) subject that is of interest to the person who is working with Tim.

Tim is a highly psychic/clairsentient lightworker who has studied the human and spiritual process that we are going through. He believes that one well-guided soul has the power to awaken millions of others and that each of us holds an important key to the future of our planet.

Tim’s field of expertise covers Atlantis, the current ascension process, the higher chakras, the new children (and animals), all things crystal, individual soul pathways, angels, ascended masters, dragons and the other myriads of souls who are assisting us here. Tim also has extensive knowledge of energy work and spiritual alchemy.

Each session will be completely unique, and Tim is happy to tune into any issue that is presented to him using the years of experience that he have in this field.

Please contact Tim directly via email or his Facebook Page Tim Whild – Practical Ascension to book a session.

1 hour will be £150 payable via PayPal address or by clicking the following Pay Now button:

Each session will be held on Zoom with a recording sent after the session has ended. If you are new to Zoom, you can find out more here.

Email/messenger support is also provided to each person after the session is complete!

Multiple sessions or bulk bookings can be available upon request.

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