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Skype Crystal Training Sessions.

Skype has proved itself countless times as an effective space for spiritual learning and communication.Having provided serviced via Skype for four years I am now offering sessions to assist Lightworkers to use and work with their crystals effectively. Every soul is different and there is no ‘right or wrong’ way for an individual to bond with their crystals of choice and use them as a support and extension of themselves upon their pathway or ascension journey.

Each session will be completely unique and tailored to the individual in question. I am here to answer any questions that you may have about your crystal companions, I have worked with them since my first steps in this life (and countless others).

Sessions will include many topics and content such as –

1. The history of crystals and how we used them in Lemuria and Atlantis.

2. What type of crystal you are drawn to and which crystal best supports your energy.

3. How to bond effectively with your crystal.

4. Programming, cleansing and setting up with your crystal.

5. Some crystals are carved into shapes, what does this mean and how does it affect their energy?

6. Crystal skulls. Crystal Dragons, Unicorns and other souls.

7. Energy gridding – how to quickly use advanced techniques for home, work and personal protection.

8. How the Higher Realms communicate with us via crystals.

9. Changing your vibration permanently with crystals and maintaining this.

10. Beginner, intermediate and advanced crystal healing mechanics.

11. Earth service with crystals.

Please contact me via my Facebook page Tim Whild – Practical Ascension or via email to timwhild@timwhild.com for booking.

Price for 1 hour and 30 mins is £99 payable via PayPal (payment address is timwhild@timwhild.com)

Skype ID Timwhild444


Skype Chakra Activations.

The 12 Chakra system is the centre of our ascension process. Once our light level, or percentage, reaches 79% we undergo an incredible transformation which is the launchpad for the fifth dimension.During the Golden Era of Atlantis we all held a 5D vibration and a fully operational twelve chakra system. It was only at the fall of Atlantis that we were reduced to seven in order to experience the limitations of the third dimension.

Every single soul on Earth now has the ascension chakras in place and are receiving light and information through them. Lightworkers on a spiritual path will be enjoying the full benefit of the expansions, but many have not yet realised that we have grown and evolved massively in the last five years.

One of the most important stages of working with the ascension chakras is intention. Intention directs a stream of energy which creates reality with precision and enables us to make very rapid progress.

When I first ran my Skype session in 2013 my focus was solely on the chakras. With the current shifts in energy I am now offering these specific activations again to assist people to anchor and clear these vibrant points of energy.

The sessions will be 1 hour long and include –

1. Introduction and discussion.

2. Dragon or Violet Flame clearance to balance and harmonise the bodies.

3. Ascension energy from Archangel Metatron.

4. Activating the 12 chakras. The Stellar Gateway, the Soul Star, Causal, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Naval, Sacral, Base and the Earth Star. During this you will also meet the Archangel who oversees each chakra in its primary development.

5. Activation of the Gold Star Seal to enable you to keep your energies high and bright at all times.

These sessions are perfect for beginners, light veterans or anyone who simply fancies a freshen up!

Please contact me for bookings via my email timwhild@timwhild.com or via my Facebook page Tim Whild – Practical Ascension.

Price for 1 hour is £70 via PayPal or direct transfer.

Skype Ascension Package (4 Sessions).

Ascension has become our new way of life. Instead of seeking we are now experiencing a phenomenal physical process that is similar to moving from a one room house to a mansion. Every aspect of our lives are expanding to accommodate the huge influxes of energy that are fuelling this transition. The spiritual pathway is not always an easy one. In order to fully learn our lessons we often have to engage in situations that challenge us to our very core. When these lessons have been learned we move forward and often pass our experiences on to others who are having similar experiences. At this point we move from pupil to teacher.

Thousands of Lightworkers are now stepping into this role.
To assist the teachers to teach I am offering a four-session ascension plan for those who are looking for a smooth and effective path through these current energies. All sessions will go with the flow but will work around these core elements.
Session 1. Energy Management.
This session will work on environment, field and body clearance including techniques and activations to keep your to keep your Light bright and clear, regardless of your circumstances or surroundings.
Session 2. The Ascension Chakras.
This session will focus on familiarisation (and clearing/anchoring) of your 12 chakra system. This chakra column has already been anchored within every human, but many have yet to gain knowledge of this or identify with them. Active usage of these chakras automatically harmonises us with the surrounding ascension energies.
Session 3. Working With The Masters And The Angels.
Since time began we have been guided and nurtured on our pathways. As we step into our roles as teachers the assistance we receive changes dramatically. This session will focus on our relationship with the Higher Realms and also within ourselves.
Session 4. The Law of One.
As we strive to assist other souls on their pathways we agree to abide by the Universal Laws that keep love and harmony in balance within all dimensional spaces. The Law of One was created at the beginning of Atlantis to bring Earth souls a constructive template from which to work. We are now living within the energies of the Law of One again and this session will thoroughly explore all facets of this.
Each session will run for 1 hour, and upon completion there will be follow up sessions and email support available upon request.
Price for the 4 sessions is £250 payable to PayPal address timwhild@timwhild.com
To book please contact me via my Facebook page Tim Whild – Practical Ascension or via email timwhild@timwhild.com

Skype Ascension Sessions – Practical Ascension

Skype is a powerful and effective method of connecting souls from anywhere in the world.

My name is Tim Whild and I have been working with souls on the ascension path for a number of years now, giving me direct experience with many of the circumstances that Light Workers are encountering. I have co-authored two books with Diana Cooper called the Archangel Guide to Ascension – 55 Steps to the Light, and the Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery – Living in the Fifth Dimension. Both of these are published by Hay House. As well as authoring I have written regular blogs, run powerful workshops and given talks on the ascension process many times. 

Many souls are at a pivotal point on their pathway right now and I am offering a new perspective on my previous work, with the view of Practical Ascension. 
It is my belief and passion that every soul on Earth will transcend Duality (3rd dimension) with the correct tools, vibration and outlook. 

Sometimes life on Earth can appear very complicated and challenging, and the aim of these sessions is to simplify what is happening and create a new and enlightened reality to work with. 

Every session will be tailored to the individual so there is always room for Spirit and Flow to enter the conversation and work its magic. I focus directly on the expansion and activation of the Fifth Dimensional system as the core foundation of any light work. As we currently occupy an Adam Kadmon blueprint (human-carbon), the first step is to become fully aware of the physical changes we are undergoing. The second is to use what we have in a practical manner and make real changes and progress in all aspects of the spiritual pathway. Connecting to our Master Selves is one of the biggest steps we can take but once we have achieved this, the distractions of our previous paradigm become a background memory.

I am here to Serve and assist with these steps. 
Sessions run for 1 hour (or longer if you want!) and cost £70. Payment via PayPal to timwhild@timwhild.com, or via card/direct transfer.
For more info about my work, please visit my website timwhild.com or connect with me via my Facebook page Tim Whild or Crystals & Skulls / Tim Whild 

The Crystalline Codes of Atlantis Skype Activations

The Crystalline Codes of Atlantis Skype ActivationsThe Crystalline Codes Skype Activations.

The Crystalline Codes of Atlantis are an ancient set of symbols used to expand and amplify the maximum potential of our fifth dimensional 12 chakra system.

These symbols were used in the era of Golden Atlantis by the High Priests and Priestesses to accelerate the spiritual path and light quotient for Aspirants of the Priesthood of Atlantis.

Due to travelling distances, this new and powerful chakra activation system has not been available for everyone via physical workshops and I am now offering the opportunity to be attuned to the Crystalline Codes of Atlantis via Skype.

The 13 symbols, each representing an expansion and magnification of the capacity of our 12 chakras, will be remotely activated by myself via a single Skype session lasting 1.5hrs.

This powerful and expansive session will include an introduction and chat followed by a visualisation to reconnect you to your Master Blueprint in Golden Atlantis. Then using crystal to crystal transference I will activate the 12 chakra symbols in descending order…Stellar Gateway (top) to the Earth Star (bottom). 

This transmission of energy is exchanged via my primary crystal to the recipient. A crystal (simple Quartz will do!) is required for those receiving the codes.

Each transmission is extremely individual and your Higher Self will be in full charge of the energy and activation that you recieve. There is never ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ and with countless activations since 2015 every Atlantean soul has felt the full benefits of this reconnection.

Once booking is confirmed the symbols (with detailed explanation) and an MP3 audio visualisation will be sent via Dropbox to your email address.

To book, please email me at timwhild@timwhild.com or message me via my Facebook Page, Tim Whild – Practical Ascension. 

Payment via PayPal to…

Love Tim