During his own personal process on the ascension pathway Tim has worked closely with numerous souls and found the most effective ways of communicating his information directly.   

After many years of working with Skype Tim has now expanded his one to one platform and is offering online workshops via Zoom. This re-creates the vibration and unity of a physical workshop by reaching up to 500 people simultaneously and recording every word so that the event is available to others after it is finished. 

Below is a list of his current and upcoming Zoom events and booking details for each one. 

Upcoming Zoom Events

Ascension Secrets of the 7 Sacred Suns! | Online Workshop with Alice Heath and Tim Whild

Online via Zoom

Join Tim and Alice as we journey to the Great Central Sun via Helios with Archangel Metatron and the Shekinah, meet the Giant Ones (also know as the Founders..!) and activate our 7 Solar Body template!

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The Atlantean Keys of Liberty | YouTube Online Workshop with Tim Whild

Online via YouTube

Do you wish to embrace the second half of this amazing year with the mindset and vibration of a Walking Master? Join Tim and members of the Atlantean Council to set the wheels in motion.

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Keeping Your Beautiful Vibration | YouTube Online Workshop with Tim Whild

Online via YouTube

This ‘power-hour’ workshop is dedicated to looking at the difference between ‘light quotient’ and ‘vibration’ and discovering the easiest ways to stay elevated above the trappings of the 3D Matrix.

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Previous Event Recordings

11-11 Manifestation Portal Event – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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Wednesday 11th November is a master number date and 11-11 signifies higher manifestation. The idea of this workshop is to apply our intention as a powerful group to manifest what we wish to see in our new reality for ourselves and for others.

22.2.2022 The Day of the Master Builder – Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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This date is the 22nd February 2022.  22.02.2022 is a triple 22, so the Master energy is incredibly magnified by 3.  It is a high frequency portal of higher potential that Lightworkers from around the world are asked to utilise to manifest their visions for their own ascension and that of the planet into our golden future.

6 Quick Ways to Keep Your Frequency Aligned with Ascension Zoom Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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Tim and I have been guided to offer a series of three Zooms that provide very quick but intense and powerful techniques for keeping your frequency aligned with ascension. In the first one we share six ascension energies and take you through beautiful visualisations to attune to each one.

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