During his own personal process on the ascension pathway Tim has worked closely with numerous souls and found the most effective ways of communicating his information directly.   

After many years of working with Skype Tim has now expanded his one to one platform and is offering online workshops via Zoom. This re-creates the vibration and unity of a physical workshop by reaching up to 500 people simultaneously and recording every word so that the event is available to others after it is finished. 

Below is a list of his current and upcoming Zoom events and booking details for each one. 

Upcoming Zoom Events

Ascension Essentials Zoom Workshop Series with Carolyne Bennett and Tim Whild

Online via Zoom

We are going through an intensive transitional period on the planet right now and many people are feeling that something extraordinary is happening and that is because – IT IS. Ascension is upon us and we are in a global process of a mass spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion. What is ascension? Simply put ascension […]

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6 Quick Ways to Keep Your Frequency Aligned with Ascension Zoom Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

Online via Zoom

Tim and I have been guided to offer a series of three Zooms that provide very quick but intense and powerful techniques for keeping your frequency aligned with ascension. In the first one we share six ascension energies and take you through beautiful visualisations to attune to each one.

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Solstice Ascension Circle Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild, Jackie White, Sally Sherin and Paul Dobree-Carey

Online via Zoom

This Solstice is the perfect time to integrate with our Higher Selves. Tim, Jackie, Sally and Paul are looking forward to leading some powerful visualisations to bring the Christ Consciousness codes coming through the Sun into YOU, where the blueprint for humanity’s Golden Age already resides.

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Previous Event Recordings

Activating the Higher Pillars of Light Zoom Workshop

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The higher the level of light anchored onto this planet the easier it will be to establish the new
5D blueprints here as Earth souls will naturally gravitate towards a more natural way of living.
Archangel Metatron and the Unicorns have asked that we anchor (at least) 55 portals of light

Advanced Practices for Spiritual Evolution Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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Once you are firmly on the spiritual pathway there are a million ways to achieve ascension. Every single soul who accepts their mission will be presented with multiple teachings, activities, activations and opportunities to help those around them. How do you know what is right for you? Birkan Tore and Tim Whild have spent their […]

Alchemising Fear with the Vibration of Love – Virus Removal and Protection with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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Diana and Tim are going to present this Zoom Workshop as a counter measure to the lower vibration that is affecting many souls around the world, and teach you how to alchemise the fear by using love from the Cosmic Heart.

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