Opening the Doorway to Golden Atlantis

Today Tim is working via the Soul Star to re-connect to the era of Golden Atlantis. This also assists to release the shadow/trauma of the Fall which has been imbued into the collective consciousness, and is being reflected in our current situation (worldwide).

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Sovereignty in 5D

Today Tim is looking at what he regards to be the true meaning of sovereignty in our fifth-dimensional vibration. Sovereignty without distraction.

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Goddess Amaryllis

We have now entered a ‘New Spring’ on our ascension pathway and this morning Tim is joined by Goddess Amaryllis for an energy blessing.

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Going Dark

Today is a New Moon in Taurus combined with a (partial) Solar Eclipse…a powerful gateway followed by the festival of Beltane (1st May). Tim is talking about ‘going dark’ which is an experience that we all have when we are moving from one set of frequencies to another on the ascension pathway. Many of the […]

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The Diamond of the Throat

Today Tim is being joined by Archangels Michael and Gabriel to clear and align the 5D Throat to a new and higher level. Speak your truth from a point of love and always allow the vibration of integrity to flow with every word.

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OUR Great Reset

We are now hearing and seeing the term ‘The Great Reset’ in all aspects of our everyday lives. How does our great reset compare to the one being presented by 3D and how do we ensure that we create the one that is aligned with the heart rather than the ego?

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Merlin’s Storm Layer

Today’s visualisation is working with Merlin and the Storm Layer that is has been in place for (nearly) three years around Earth as we go through an extensive clearance. It is due for completion on the Lions Gate this coming August and the next phase will then be introduced by the Intergalactic Council. This workshop […]

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Fear Seeding and Matrix Management

Today’s video looks at ‘Matrix Management’ and how many of us within the Lightworker community are being drawn into fear by the high volume of information/distractions being shared. As master manifestors our current challenge is to step away from these triggers so that we are able to create from our hearts rather than the ego.

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Your Antahkarana Bridge

This is a visualisation to strengthen your Antahkarana Bridge and to connect you to your Oversoul and Monad. Do it for 7 days (or for as long as you like!)

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Abby Wynne and Tim Whild – Who Heals the Healers?

Join Abby and Tim for a candid discussion on awakening and what it’s been like to be a healer over the last 2 years.  Tim gives us an insight into the energetic changes of the last 2 years, where we have been, where we are going, and what we may have to face to get […]

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