Activating the Higher Pillars of Light Zoom Workshop

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The higher the level of light anchored onto this planet the easier it will be to establish the new
5D blueprints here as Earth souls will naturally gravitate towards a more natural way of living.
Archangel Metatron and the Unicorns have asked that we anchor (at least) 55 portals of light

Advanced Practices for Spiritual Evolution Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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Once you are firmly on the spiritual pathway there are a million ways to achieve ascension. Every single soul who accepts their mission will be presented with multiple teachings, activities, activations and opportunities to help those around them. How do you know what is right for you? Birkan Tore and Tim Whild have spent their […]

Alchemising your New Year – Zoom Workshop with Tim Whild

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The New Year is upon us, and this follows the most incredible down pouring of Christ Light from the Winter Solstice. December is a month that can be very challenging for Light Workers for a number of reasons, with shorter days in the Northern Hemisphere and a vast increase in the vibrations we receive. 2018 […]

Anxiety on the Ascension Pathway Zoom Ascension Workshop with Tim Whild

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Once a lightworker is on the path of self-mastery the challenges that present themselves can appear insurmountable. This two-hour Zoom workshop will break those challenges, initiations, light tests and distractions down in a practical way so that you will feel clearer and more focused upon your ascension pathway.

Birkan Tore and Tim Whild – The New Atlanteans

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Birkan Tore and Tim Whild bring you the third instalment in their Zoom online workshop series, The New Atlanteans.  This is a workshop for the souls who are awake and seeking the higher reason for their place in this ascension process.  Who was I? Did I incarnate in Atlantis? How does this apply to or affect what I […]

Building our Atlantean Community – the Navel Chakra Zoom Workshop

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The Navel chakra is the one physical chakra that has been added to our 12-chakra column (the other 4 are transcendent) and our next phase will be governed by the Navel. The Navel contains an intense blueprint that it will be instigating throughout societies worldwide.

Creating Positively in the New Higher Energies with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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During this powerful and informative two-hour workshop Diana and Tim will pool their knowledge together to provide practical guidance on how to navigate the next of the ascension process!

Crystal Grids with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild – Part 2

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In response to so many requests Diana Cooper and Tim Whild did a second CRYSTAL GRID ZOOM. Crystal Grids are powerful symbols that activate cosmic energies and create change.  We will demonstrate the grids, show you what crystals are best and explain how to trigger them into action. During this session we will lay out and […]

Diana Cooper and Tim Whild – Guidance for higher ascension 4 session Zoom course

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There are currently four paths to higher ascension. When you merge them all you take a broad, fast track to higher ascension. In this four part course we offer you this accelerated path to higher ascension. It will enable you to fulfil your soul mission and you become a light who can help others on […]

Diana Cooper and Tim Whild – Zoom Ascension Workshop

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Prepare for the next wave of Ascension Energy The energy on Earth is becoming very intense and many people are finding life challenging. This special workshop is enabling you to absorb the new high frequency energies in the spiritual world so that you can flow with it as it manifests in our physical world. This […]

Group Healing and Ascension Session Zoom Workshop

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Individual healing is incredibly powerful and group healing sessions have the ability to shift planetary blueprints with gentle intention! I would like to offer a regular space to everyone who feels drawn to join to simply heal, resolve and nurture their current selves.

Healing the Fall of Atlantis Group Zoom Workshop

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When Atlantis fell ten-thousand years ago it sent a shock wave across the entire planet. Many of us have carried this burden on our shoulders for every incarnation since, and during this Zoom session we are going to release this.

Introduction to Crystal Grids with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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In this simple but powerful workshop Diana and Tim will show you how to use crystal grids and what crystals are best. We will also show you how we used them in Atlantis to keep the vibration 5th dimensional. You will learn to create – An angel Grid (with visual) – this will enable you […]

January Healing and Integration – Zoom Online Group Session with Tim Whild

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Its time to begin the New Year (and Decade) with a fresh blast of energy and some deep grounding to integrate the higher frequencies!

Living in the Fourth Dimension Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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From the date of the 21st December 2012 our planet began to enter the most accelerated Cosmic shift that has ever been seen in our Universe. Under agreement Planet Earth (and everyone living here) embarked on a mission to alter our dimensional vibration from 3D to 5D in under 18 years. If you are reading […]

Raising the Light of Golden Atlantis Zoom Group Healing

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The emphasis of this Zoom group healing session will be to re-establish a strong flow of Atlantean energy back into the golden Matrix of planet Earth.

Rising Above the Storm Zoom Workshop

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In this powerful, practical and informative workshop Tim Whild will guide you through easy and effective techniques/outlooks that will enable you to rise above the lower frequencies and transform the negative into positive!

The Crystalline Codes of Atlantis

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In 2015 Tim Whild retrieved a set of ancient symbols from The Halls of Amenti. These thirteen symbols were used daily by the Atlantean Priesthood and the higher initiates to maintain the integrity of their (twelve) chakra system at all times. Even during the halcyon days of Golden Atlantis their vibrations had to be maintained […]

The Empaths Guide to Planet Earth Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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Empathic people feel everything…absolutely everything, and this can be a real struggle whilst learning to harness the skills and benefits of an empathic disposition. Empathy is a powerful gift when harnessed correctly but many people shut themselves down when faced with the energies of those around them. As we move through this fourth-dimensional window of […]

The Fifth Dimension Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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If you have attended the first three events you will have learned the essentials for life in our current dimension on Earth. In the very near future this entire planet will have shifted to a (predominantly) fifth-dimensional frequency and things will be beginning to look very different. Here we are going to share our views […]

The Gifts of Atlantis – Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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During this enlightening and practical event you will learn how to effectively use crystals in every aspect of your life, just as we did during the Atlantean era that spanned for 260,000 years.

The Global Pillars of Sacred Light Zoom Workshop

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In the last event we created multiple pillars of Light that were anchored at various chosen locations around the world. The theme for this online space is similar but will be focusing on the Sacred Portals and chakras of Mother Earth.

The Higher Rays and the Spring Equinox Zoom Workshop with Tim Whild

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This Zoom event will be dedicated to honouring this precious spring cycle and ushering the Diamond Ray to purify the old and bring in the new

The Keys of the Solar Logos – Zoom Solstice Workshop with Tim Whild and Birkan Tore

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Tim Whild and Birkan Tore have been given access to a powerful set of Codes stored in the Halls of Amenti that were created by The Solar Logos, and a team of powerful ascended Masters for this moment in time. These Codes have been downloaded and will be given to everyone attending

The Power of Discernment Zoom Workshop with Tim Whild

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Discernment is applied to all aspects of our lives whether it be making the correct decision for diet, choosing the right place to hold a workshop or if that teacher holds is presenting information that resonates with the vibration of your heart centre.

The Starseeds Guide to Planet Earth Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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Do you feel that you don’t belong here? Have you been awake for a long time or have you just woken up and realised that you are far away from home? The truth of the matter is that we are all Starseeds in one way or another and are attending Earth as a vast school. […]

The Violet Flame with Tim Whild Zoom Workshop

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Following on from the Divine Alchemy workshop in January, Tim Whild hosted a two-hour session dedicated to using the Violet Flame on our ascension pathway. During his years on the spiritual pathway Tim has encountered many ways of advancing himself (and others) whilst living here on Earth. Planet Earth is encountering some incredible changes and […]

Zoom Crystal Course with Tim Whild

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During this intensive two-part crystal course Tim will share important information about the world of Lightworking and crystals. Learn how to cleanse, connect with and use your crystal! Since Atlantean times human beings in physical form have bonded with crystals in powerful partnerships to achieve high frequency results. Tim will explain how the Lemurians empowered […]

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Planetary Healing Session – Online Crystal Workshop with Tim Whild

Online via Zoom

In previous Zoom events, we demonstrated how powerful group intention and commitment can be. Together we will be sending healing, via crystals, to areas of the world that need it the most using maps that are screen shared as we move through the session.

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