Your Inner Light Forge Card Deck and Guidebook


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This energy card deck takes you deep into your inner home, the core of your soul. Into your inner fire, where everything you need is.

The impulse for this card deck comes from the inspiration of the spiritual world. Guided by their light-filled companions, Tim Whild, Miriam Beck and Vivienne of Lorien have come together for this magical project and brought it into the world.

It helps you to recognise who you really are:

Pure light of the love of creation.

44 light-filled energy cards and instruction book with in-depth explanations and exercises.


Tim Whild is a lightworker, crystal lover and ascension enthusiast from Dorset, UK. For almost 30 years now on his spiritual path Tim has been reaching many souls in different ways.

Miriam Beck is a spiritual teacher from Northern Germany, amongst other things a trained Akashic Chronicle medium and healer of the New Age.

Vivienne of Lorien is a spiritual teacher, artist, poet and healer from Glastonbury, UK. Her powerful artwork helps thousands of people on their path.


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The German version can be ordered on via Miriam`s website.