Activating your Golden Crown

Happy 1st March! It is exactly a year since I started heading outside to record these videos regularly and I’d like to start this month with a blessing from Archangel Jophiel who oversees the development of the fifth-dimensional Crown Chakra.

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Dealing with Soul Fatigue

Tim is looking at the subject of Soul fatigue, why we might be feeling it and how to navigate it with our Soul path accelerating so quickly!

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7 Days of Light

This video calls in light from the Seven Suns over 7 days! The best way to start any morning is by raising your light levels just a little bit higher than you are used to.

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Managing Mental Stress

This is another practical share from Tim to help address the stresses and strains of the shift/circumstances that we are seeing and experiencing at the moment.

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The Law of One

I always like to start my week by setting the highest intentions possible. The Law of One embodies 7 principles for fifth-dimensional living and has been handed down since the times of Golden Atlantis.

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Self Care and Your Guardian Angel

The energies, shifts and circumstances are off the charts at the moment. Tim looks at self-care and connecting to your Guardian Angel who is with you at all times.

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The Pleiadean Blue Rose

Join Tim for a chilly chakra balancing and a connection to the Pleiadean High Council – The Blue Rose of Healing.

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You and Your Monadic Presence

Friday ascension update with Tim…today he is looking at the term ‘Monad’, what this actually is and also how we relate to others on our spiritual pathway.

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Happy Imbolc! Calling in an Ascension Blessing

Join Tim for a short mediation to balance your four-body system and call in an ascension blessing for yourself and others around you.

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The Power of Choice

Tim discusses the current choices that people are making and how to deal with this from a higher perspective.

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