The Seven Beloved Archangels

Happy Monday lovely souls! We are being joined by Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, and Raphael for a radiant Sphere of Light!

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The Importance of Forcefields

Many of us feel compelled to share information but are we fully aware of its necessity and impact? Today Tim is looking at how important it is to recognise our responsibility as Lightbearers.

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Healing Your Roots

Today’s meditation is inspired by Calista’s beautiful Female Archangel Oracle cards. The prompt was to ‘Heal The Root’ which describes us as ‘code breakers’ for our genetic and karmic lineage. Tim is joined by Beloved Mary and her beautiful Light Blue Ray for this work.

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Understanding and Refining Your Ascension Process

Today Tim is looking at refining our ascension process to make it smoother for ourselves and for the millions of lights stepping onto the spiritual pathway.

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The Next Phase of the Soul Star

As we are coming into the final few months of 2022 we are approaching an important half-way marker in our ascension process. This is our call to now fully step up and step into our roles as the Walking Masters of Earth…join Archangels Mariel and Zadkiel as they activate the next level of the Soul […]

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All Roads Lead to Self Love

All roads lead to self-love which is the most powerful initiation that we will undergo. How long does it last? That is entirely down to us.

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The Service of the Golden Robe

Lord Kuthumi’s Brotherhood of the Golden Robe consists of Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Ascended Masters who have committed to transmuting the pain of the world. This morning they are offering to surround the world with golden light as we approach the big Lunar Eclipse on the 8th (tomorrow).

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Rising Above the Storm

Storm? What storm? We have recieved an incredible volume of light at a time where we weren’t expecting it and this has revealed many emotions and scenarios that require our attention. When we review something that is happening in our reality how do we ensure that we are doing so from a higher perspective?

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Samhain Lightcodes with the Cherubim

Happy Samhain/Halloween! Tim is joined in the woods by the Cherubim who are bringing forward a beautiful Light-Code integration.

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Living Love, Alchemising Fear

‘Project Fear’ has been the consistant focus of the 3D Matrix especially over the past 2 (nearly 3) years. When we live in a state of heart-centredness we become free of the fear that binds us to our previous reality. To observe and take action from a state of compassion is the most powerful space […]

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