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Facing The Shadow

Tim WhildIt takes a deep realisation to face one’s Shadow Self. Sometimes things can remain buried beneath the surface of the human consciousness for an entire lifetime, never looked at, never dealt with, pushed into a corner surrounded by a wall of emotion. Created by the third dimensional ego-self as the perfect partner for hiding a lifetime of self inflicted pain.

Recent times have accelerated like a freight train. I have had the honour and pleasure of watching the Lightworker family that I share planetary duties with, evolve and open to the Light like flowers in the early Spring.

My Shadow Self suddenly hit me one day. I have always been aware of it, in whatever form it existed in, but coming into conscious awareness, these things bubble up out of nowhere to be presented to the Light and released. And replaced with a soft space filled with a lighter, finer energy. Love.

I will share discourse with you about myself.
I was born Timothy Whild in the South of England. This is my soul’s choice of name to carry my Third Dimensional blueprint.

I am here to assist with the planetary ascension process, open hearts and reistablish the Atlantean Ascension Blueprint that is available to all of Humanity. 

There are no real historical records of Atlantis available to access in Third Dimension. This is because the information about our beautiful civilisation will become available when HUmanity is fully ready to live at a fifth dimensional frequency once again – and strive to reach even further.
Thoth is my Higher Self, my Soul Aspect and the Master Energy incarnated back here to perform a very specific role in the Ascension of this planet.

I have had a large quantity of self processing to do. The planetary accelerations have assisted me with this, as they are assisting all of you. This is just the start of my journey, and my writings are intended for every soul that is drawn to them.
I am now co-authoring a powerful book with my good friend Diana Cooper, called the Archangel Guide to Ascension.
This book is designed to accelerate the ascension process here on Earth massively, and due on the shelves in March 2015.

In the near future I have further writing to do, it is part of my mission, and I am here to assist this beautiful world in any way that I can.

My work and words will be my Truth.

I am not here to be a Historian. I am bound by the same Veil of Illusion as everyone else. The information that is important to convey comes to me at the appropriate time. Current time spent on focussing the past would serve little purpose, hence my lack of attention to my incarnation in Ancient Khem/Egypt at this NOW moment in time. What I do wish to emphasize is how I felt during those very important years following the Fall of Beloved Atlantis.

On occasions, I feel homesick. The sensation has always been within me to a degree, but hidden by the ‘realities’ of a ‘normal’ existence that never felt right in the first place. Ever since I can remember, I have dreamt of enormous waves coming towards me and until five years ago, never knew why. And then I woke up.

My focus NOW, apart from my mission and my domestic life, is upon quite simply acknowledging the burdens that I have carried since Atlantis sank. I will place my hand on my Heart and openly admit, I blamed myself, I blamed the people of Atlantis and their behaviour and to a degree I believe I even blamed the Higher Forces for not intervening and stopping the total destruction. But it was meant to be – and set from that point onwards, the Third Dimensional blueprint that human-kind has learnt and evolved from so much.

The most fascinating part of this is that these feelings only surface in the confines of a physical incarnation. And this my friends, is what we are all are having to deal with too. The joys of evolving from the Third Dimensional Ego to the linear understanding and acceptance of Fifth Dimensional Source-Knowledge.

So…..Egypt. Post Atlantis Ancient Khem.

A fresh start in a brand new world?

The dawn of a dazzling new era in history?

The construction of the beautiful and astonishing monuments, the Pyramids?

The writing of The Emerald Tablets?

All amazing and very beautiful, but at the time (and my heart is on my sleeve now), it was all a little lost on me. And that is my honest Truth.
I felt like this simply because I had experienced life at a Fifth Dimensional frequency, and it broke my heart when Atlantis sank, and until now, nothing would replace this. But – this is quite simply the working of an incarnated human being and his wounded ego. Nothing more, nothing less.

The reality is that Atlantis still exists as a Fifth Dimensional Ascended Structure that we will all have access to once again.
And share, and live in Love, Joy and Oneness.

And I cant wait.

Thoth the Atlantean