1829072_orig.jpgWe are now in the third week of August 2014, and settling into the new waves of energy that merge with our sphere of reality.

The full moon that occurred on the 10th broke new barriers of intensity.

Combined with the Lions Gate, the Diamond Merkabah Activation, and the harvesting of the Aquarian Ascension pool, the first half of the month rattled the very foundations that exist on our planet.

Helios has also joined the party too, releasing DNA changing photonic waves from the core of the Great Central Sun, and passed them through our own blazing star, to integrate here on Earth.

Everyone here is now existing in a fourth dimensional reality.

This tempory period of our evolution is the vital creationary phase, that we are using to solidify the template of our fifth dimensional reality.

It is down to us to use this new stream of energy, to bring this into existance as smoothly as possible.

Take for example, a soul wished to manifest their dream home 10 or 15 years ago.

They would have gone through the process of visualising every detail on a daily basis, focussing only on what they want to create, and then releasing the request to the Universe.

At some point, after the process had been catalysed on an etheric level, the result would have appeared in the physical, providing the soul with exactly what they wished for.

This process has now sped up at least one-hundred-fold.

The focus of our intentions and desires are now manifesting at the rate that we are creating them. There is only a slight lag in focus-manifestation-reality, as we are not fully operating in the fifth dimension,but we are getting closer every day.

We have the ability to help this planet, and everything we see around us, ascend into the fifth dimension.

Each and every one of us.

There is always a cornucopia of distractions available.

Media, density programming, and the old fear based consensus reality are pushing very hard to take our eyes off the prize.

I will say this only once.

All you need is LOVE.

Love is the energy that will completely transmute, dissolve and illuminate the denser energies that still exist on this planet.

No amount of protest, calls to arms, or fighting ‘this and that’ will ever move us from this phase to the next. All it will do is feed a disintegrating pattern of energy, and hinder the inevitable wave of enlightenment that is washing over every soul on Earth.

Some may say that this is turning a blind eye to the occurrences our planet.

It isn’t.

The process will run its course, as everything is happening exactly as it should be.

The new reality, the Aquarian Age, will establish itself and the planet will ascend.

Take for example the analogy of removing the legs from underneath a table.

Changing the energy structure of a denser formation, and replacing with a higher, finer vibration is exactly the same.

It is down to us to use our love, focus and power of manifestation to change the world.

Density, the patterns of third dimensional reality, cannot continue to exist in this higher structure. That is the nature of energy, as it forms and re-forms in its higher state.

So, beautiful souls. Walking Masters of Earth. This is it. The time is now.

Focus only on what you wish to achieve, this new and perfect reality that is available, and be distracted by nothing. Unless it resonates with the energy of love.

Love and blessings to each and every one of you.

Tim <3

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