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About Tim Whild

Tim Whild is an ascension and Lightbody expert, who has been working closely with the evolvement of Earth for most of his life. Tim was a High Priest in the eras of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, and is using his collective memories to bring through the spiritual gifts and information stored in those times. His current work with ancient Atlantean technologies is already helping those on a spiritual path around the world.

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Upcoming Zoom Workshop

The Keys of the Solar Logos – Zoom Solstice Workshop with Tim Whild and Birkan Tore


Tim Whild and Birkan Tore have been given access to a powerful set of Codes stored in the Halls of Amenti that were created by The Solar Logos, and a team of powerful ascended Masters for this moment in time. These Codes have been downloaded and will be given to everyone attending

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Recent Zoom Workshop Recordings

Building our Atlantean Community – the Navel Chakra Zoom Workshop

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The Navel chakra is the one physical chakra that has been added to our 12-chakra column (the other 4 are transcendent) and our next phase will be governed by the Navel. The Navel contains an intense blueprint that it will be instigating throughout societies worldwide.

Raising the Light of Golden Atlantis Zoom Group Healing

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The emphasis of this Zoom group healing session will be to re-establish a strong flow of Atlantean energy back into the golden Matrix of planet Earth.

Healing the Fall of Atlantis Group Zoom Workshop

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When Atlantis fell ten-thousand years ago it sent a shock wave across the entire planet. Many of us have carried this burden on our shoulders for every incarnation since, and during this Zoom session we are going to release this.

The Power of Discernment Zoom Workshop with Tim Whild

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Discernment is applied to all aspects of our lives whether it be making the correct decision for diet, choosing the right place to hold a workshop or if that teacher holds is presenting information that resonates with the vibration of your heart centre.

Group Healing and Ascension Session Zoom Workshop

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Individual healing is incredibly powerful and group healing sessions have the ability to shift planetary blueprints with gentle intention! I would like to offer a regular space to everyone who feels drawn to join to simply heal, resolve and nurture their current selves.

Rising Above the Storm Zoom Workshop

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In this powerful, practical and informative workshop Tim Whild will guide you through easy and effective techniques/outlooks that will enable you to rise above the lower frequencies and transform the negative into positive!

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Upcoming Workshops Around The World

Awaken the power of Atlantis in you

Pullach, Germany

Already today we can feel the energy of the then Golden Atlantis in us. Now we just have to bring it to life and use it properly. In his workshop Tim wants to show us how we are going this way.

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Healing with the Angelic Realms & Preparing for the New Golden Age with Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson

Uppsala, Sweden

Silverdraken (the Silver Dragon) welcomes you to Sweden to participate in a truly amazing and transformational weekend together with Diana, Rosemary and Tim at the beautiful mansion like Norrlands nation by the river Fyrisån in the very centre of Uppsala.

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Latest from the blog

Painbody Release Meditation

Since the Cosmic Moment we have done an incredible amount of personal and planetary work to shift the old ‘3D’ patterns and move into a higher frequency. The baggage and the blueprints of the previous era cannot be brought with us, and the emphasis is now on releasing the hidden aspects of the etheric bodies. […]

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Activating your fifth dimensional heart centre

Blessings for the first day of the month! The last week has seen a lot of intense activity with high frequency energies coming in. Here is a simple invocation to open and activate your fifth dimensional heart centre. Visualisation to Activate the Fifth Dimensional Heart Chakra Relax, and prepare for meditation. Light a candle and […]

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The Archangel Chakra Jewels Meditation

This is a meditation that I wrote in 2015 and recorded a few weeks ago at the Church of the Archangels in Kiti, Cyprus. Happy Sunday and remember that the clocks have gone back one hour in the UK..lots of love to you all 💜

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