Decree For The Highest Light

I (name) in the name of Love and under the Law of Grace call to the full presence of my Highest Self. I lovingly request that my highest point of consciousness integrates with me here on Earth….now.

I call forth the the Dragons of the Fire, Earth, Air, Water and of the Cosmic Rays to permanently clear my path of lower frequency obstacles from the second that I wake right through to my sleep-time duties.

I call forth to the Cosmic Godfire and the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame to wash through my bodies and fields daily to keep my chakras bright, pure and clear.

I call forth to Archangel Gabriel to place a Diamond of Purity around my living space at all times ensuring that I am held in a fifth-dimensional cocoon.

I call forth the Unicorns to flood through to planet Earth and touch the Hearts of those still sleeping.

And lastly, I (name), dedicate my heart and soul to the Path of Highest Service for myself and for Planet Earth.

As Within So Without
As Above So Below.

(Repeat the words above aloud and with authority to the rising or setting Sun three times)

It is so.

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