Ascending from the Earth Matrix and Reclaiming our Full Light Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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We are exactly at the halfway point of the shift from 3D to 5D and the world has never held such an array of energies. The polarities that we are experiencing are exactly as they are meant to be, and in the past 3 years so many lightworkers have woken up and joined the ascension pathway.

Each individual soul that disconnects from 3D goes through a journey of reclamation and we are only just discovering the depth of this process.

Do you believe that you are here to change the world, or do you feel that you struggle to survive and have difficulty adapting to the pace?

Our planet will eventually find an equilibrium once the collective consciousness of the soul majority settles at a 5D frequency. To get there, we are being invited to speed up the process by taking responsibility for the aspects of ourselves that are invested in energies that do not serve us.

During the first instalment of this practical two-part event Tim will be working specifically on the ‘unwiring’ of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies from the old programs of reality. This will involve direct energy work with the Atlantean High Council who are looking forward to re-connecting with us all in this lifetime.

During this first recording you will –

  • Receive an in-depth November update as we move closer to the 11/11 portal.
  • Working with the energy on the night move into a deep clearing and balancing of the chakras, bodies, and fields.
  • Fully accessing the Soul Star! This will be an exercise that is being guided by the Atlantean High Council who are stepping forward to open the next phase of the ascension process.
  • Service work! We will be powerfully guided to bring through these energies for ourselves and everyone around us.

During Part Two you will –

  • Deeply ground into the energies of Agartha (Hollow Earth) before accessing the Atlantean section of your Master Room in the Halls of Amenti.
  • Assist with the dissolving of the 3D corrupted timeline that has been blocking our access to our spiritual heritage. Many gifts such as abundance and the perfect health blueprint have been held within this timeline.
  • Receive a deep connection to the Atlantean High Council as they guide you into the next phase of your ascension journey.
  • Service work! To be decided on the night…bring a crystal!

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