Connecting to the Cosmic Heart – Zoom Online Healing Workshop with Tim Whild

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The 14th February is widely celebrated as ‘St Valentine’s Day’ and although this is now a commercial date it is also one that provides an opportunity to tune into the ‘heart vibes’ that are available at this time.

The history of St Valentine dates back to Roman times when Saint Valentine was imprisoned and persecuted for performing illegal weddings for Roman soldiers. Before he was executed, he apparently performed a healing miracle upon his judges daughter by restoring her sight and signing his letter ‘Your Valentine’.

Later in the climes of the 1400’s the events were romanticised by writer Geoffrey Chaucer and the traditions have continued until modern times.

As Lightworkers we are all familiar with the term ‘Unconditional Love’ but what exactly does this mean?

During this Zoom healing event we look closely at the true meaning of Unconditional Love and how our planet will look when we have finally aspired to this aspect of the Law of One.

We will also be connecting deeply to the Cosmic Heart of Venus which is a 10th Dimensional Portal and the home of Commander Ashtar (who will be joining us).

Connection to the Cosmic Heart is incredibly powerful and we will be using the opportunity to heal our own heart wounds, remove any walls or blocks and then sending this powerful vibration to where it is most needed on our planet.

If time allows I might even touch on the topic of Twin Flames!

During this online workshop you will –

  • Learn about Unconditional Love. Its true meaning and how it will affect our planet in the fifth-dimension…Earth will look very different in the future. Why?
  • Work with Commander Ashtar to connect directly to the Cosmic Heart and anchor this energy into your own 5th dimensional heart centre
  • Work with the Archangels of the Heart. Who are they are what energy aspects do they represent?
  • Heal, remove and dissolve any heart-based blocks that you may have with the help of the Angels, Dragons and our powerful group
  • Sending healing to the hearts on Earth that are struggling to disconnect from their ego
  • Learn how to lovingly control your exterior environment using the power of your 5D heart centre

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