Embodying Your Monad – Zoom Workshop with Alice Heath and Tim Whild

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The Arcturians are one of the most spiritually advanced StarRaces in our galaxy…present with us through Atlantean times, they have nurtured Earth since conception, offering us guidance, advanced healing modalities, spiritual technology and much more. Tonight’s workshop will be harnessing the window of opportunity provided by the recent Equinox and upcoming Arcturian cosmic alignment to access your Monadic Blueprint.

In this workshop, Alice Heath and Tim Whild will be pooling their knowledge, resources and Light together to bring you a workshop that will assist you in Discovering and Embodying your Monad, and maintaining a crystalline structure to house it in.

This workshop will also serve to enhance your own personal connection with the Arcturians, allow your energy fields to clear from any carbon-based karmic residue, whilst also discovering the potently powerful star gate of Arcturus.

During this recording you will –

  • Receive an up-to-date ascension report from Alice and Tim to discuss the recent Equinox.
  • Receive transmission from the Arcturians around cosmic mastery, unity consciousness and maintaining a physical crystalline structure.
  • Travel to the Godhead via the 9th dimensional star gate of Arcturus to receive your Monadic Ray and Divine Structure.
  • Service work! On the night we will be guided to turn our hands to what our beloved EarthStar needs the most at this time.

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