Reconnecting to your Atlantean Heart

10:00 - 17:00 CET
Hamburg, Germany
Early Bird Price: 290€

About this event

Tim Whild will join us for a full weekend in beautiful Hamburg to reconnect you with your Atlantean Heart!

The Golden Atlantis was an incredible era in our human history where the souls of Atlantis reached (and held) a fifth dimensional frequency for 1500 years. This required an incredible amount of spiritual focus, dedication and discipline. During this time, the Atlanteans worked closely with angels, dragons, masters, unicorns and higher galactic entities to create a heart-centred community of light that worked in perfect harmony with Gaia (Mother Earth).

Ten thousand years ago, Atlantis perished for the last time and planet Earth was plunged deep into the third dimension, where it remained until the Cosmic Moment on 21 December 2012.

From that point on, Earth’s vibration began to rise as we entered the beginnings of our ascension process and the ancient souls of Atlantis began to awaken after a long period of slumber.

Many of us feel deeply connected to that wonderful era, or are slowly remembering it in this intense high-energy time of the ascension of our Earth and humanity.

It has been an important time of our soul evolution and living out our highest gifts and talents. Now the time has come to remember and embrace our deep knowing and working again.

Do you also feel a tugging in your heart when you think of Atlantis?

Longing or perhaps a certain excitement?

Are you also one of these Atlantean souls?

On this highly energetic weekend, guided by Tim, we will dive deeply into these wonderful energies again.

Friday 03.11.2023 Lecture:

Energy update for November and the current ascension energies and why are today still the Golden Ages like Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon or Ancient Egypt still of such great importance for our spiritual development and our ascension into the Light?

Saturday, 04.11.2023 :

Get the latest and most up-to-date energy report for November and the end of the year.

Learn more about Atlantis and why it perished… what was the Golden Age?

The Golden Age and the gold imprint of the Atlantean Community! Find out what it is and why it so profoundly affects the rise of our Earth.

Why is it so important to remember this time and reclaim your abilities and memories?

Why does the fall of the golden Atlantis still have such an impact on my spiritual path today?

What happened after the fall of Atlantis?

Why do many souls still carry trauma from that time?

Work with the advanced version of the Ascension Chakras in the same way the Atlanteans did.

Learn tips, techniques and guidance to keep your light clear, high and alive at all times.

Earth Healing. On this day we will be guided to work directly with the earth as a group to make a big difference to each other’s energy.

Sunday 05.11.2023:

Dive deep into working with the Atlantean temples and crystalline codes given to Tim in 2015. This is high frequency energy work that requires crystals, so please bring your favourite crystals if you have any!

Reconnecting your atlantic chakras, as well as embedding important light codes and impulses into your DNA.

Get to know and feel energies and healing possibilities (again)

Get to know new tools to be able to release your own blockages from the time of the Golden Atlantis.

To connect deeply with the ascended masters, angels, unicorns, dragons and other light beings of the Golden Atlantis in guided visualisations.

We are adapting to our new timeline and working with higher frequency energies. Learn how this affects us, our bodies, our nervous systems and the planet around us.

Practical tips and techniques on how to maintain your frequency at all times (even when life is challenging!).

Personal crystal healing for ourselves and Mother Earth! This session is part service work and part self love… we will be guided entirely by the energies of the day.

A highly exciting and high energy weekend that can change you completely, if you are ready, may begin.

Your high Atlantean soul light is needed here on Earth at this very important time!

Are you ready for it?

The entire workshop as well as the lecture on Friday evening will be completely translated into German.

Tim will bring a selection of special crystals that will be available for purchase during the event.

On both workshop days you can look forward to a full vegan/vegetarian lunch including starter and dessert, drinks (water throughout the event, and coffee and tea including snacks in the morning and afternoon).

For a recommendation of the accommodation, you will receive a written recommendation from us after the booking request.


Early bird discount until 15.07.2023 :

Workshop weekend (Sat and Sun incl. seminar catering) 275€ + early bird price lecture on Fri 15€ = 290€ complete

Normal price complete workshop weekend (Sat and Sun incl. seminar catering) from 16.07.2023 333€

Lecture from 16.07.2023 for 29€ (bookable independently of the workshop)

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