Unlocking Your Golden Inner Wisdom – Zoom online workshop with Tim Whild & Lovisa Alvtörn

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We have now come to the point on our ascension pathways when it is time for us to fully activate our own Golden inner library of knowledge, light and wisdom.

Through our soul’s vast existence, all our soul experiences have been stored as light codes within us … Most of us have had many Master lifetimes and we can unlock and access our highest soul wisdom here and now, to help Earth move into the New Golden Age.

Here to assist us in rediscovering this Golden Wisdom within are the Lyran Masters of Light, coming in on the Golden Ray, the Christed Ray of pure unconditional love. They are saying that the key to unlocking our golden wisdom lies within our hearts as much as in our minds … We are asked to stop looking at love as an emotion and move back into the heartfelt understanding that love carries the highest wisdom of all.

In this workshop Tim and Lovisa will lovingly guide you into looking at wisdom with new eyes … into fully accepting and trusting your own Golden Master Wisdom within. This will assist to reawaken your connections outwards through your Crown chakra to the wisdom of the Stars.

The time has come to rediscover your unique soul wisdom; to reach your highest potential and share your gifts with the world!

In this recording you will:

  • Receive an energy update from Tim and Lovisa on where we are currently at in our ascension process, and why it is so important to
    activate and trust our Golden Wisdom within
  • Learn about the vastness of your own soul wisdom and how you can use it in your everyday life
  • Receive a heart and crown activation from the Lyran Masters of Light coming in on the Golden Ray
  • Visit the Temple of Knowledge and Wisdom to unlock your Golden Inner Wisdom
  • Connect with the wise and loving Crystal Skulls and tap into their magic and secrets
  • Service work! Beloved Archangels Jophiel and Christiel wish to guide us on the night in working with the Higher Wisdom Goldprint for the human collective.

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