Using Your Heart for Guidance and Protection – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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A vast Community of Light is expanding around our planet as humanity steps through the ascension gateway and sprints towards a fifth-dimensional frequency. 

Never has a transition from one vibration to another been made in such a short space of time, not in any reality or any space in our known Universe.

Making a shift like this comes with predictable ‘chaos’, challenges and complications.

Many of you reading this will be taking your current incarnation as a Master Lifetime which means that it will be the final one working in 3D. You will have agreed to undergo incredible challenges and circumstances to achieve your spiritual promotions, and once you have passed them there will be more rungs on the ladder to climb!

In this final era of polarity, the quantity of information that is available to us is reaching saturation point. For every heart-based vibration there is ego to match it…so how do we know how or which way to discern this?

During this recording Tim will be guiding you on the most effective way to use the most powerful tool that you possess…your fifth-dimensional Heart.

  • Ego vs Heart – How do we know which vibration is which and how do we tune into the correct one?
  • Helping those going through the Dark Night of the Soul. Millions of people around us are currently experiencing a spiritual rite-of-passage…how do we assist without interfering?
  • Working with the Heart – Connect with your own 5D Heart at the highest level and immerse yourself in its awesome power
  • Learn how to use your Heart to control your environment rather than allowing your environment to control you
  • Connect to the Angels of Love to assist with the ‘tipping point’ that we are experiencing globally

Please bring your favourite crystal to this event.

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it!

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