Walking Mastery and Lightworker Courage with Lovisa Alvtörn & Tim Whild

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We have now reached the point in the 20-year transition period between 2012 and 2032, where Lightworkers are beginning to step into their Walking Mastery and embody their Divinity. 

There was a huge shift in the energies around the portal of 22.02.2022. This was a great Reset; you may even perceive it as a Rebirth as we have now officially entered the New Golden Era. 

It takes time to adjust to these changes. Lovisa and Tim are seeing how many are struggling with how to anchor and integrate the new and intense ascension energies. There is a lot of fear and turmoil in our world and in the Collective on a 3D level. 

In this nourishing, comforting, healing and very empowering workshop, Tim and Lovisa will explain about the shift that is ocurring, and what it actually means that you are now starting to embody your own Divinity as a Walking Master of Earth. 

At this time you may sense a feeling over overwhelm, uncertainty or doubt in yourself: ”Can I handle this?” Yes you can!
Our guides in this workshop: Archangels Azriel, Faith and Michael are here to let you know that you got this! You already are what you are: an immensely powerful Soul who has taken a human body here on Earth to assist with the ascension process and co-create the New Golden Age. 

And in this workshop we honour your bravery for being on Earth right now! It is normal to feel fear from time to time as it is part of the human experience. What we are meant to do is ”feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Lovisa and Tim both hold strong connections to the Norse Master energies and there will be two Norse guides helping us to learn about fear and courage: 

The Fenrir Wolf can be seen as a personification of fear, but he is also a symbol of our greatest challenge and equally our greatest teacher. Facing our fears gives us opportunities for accelerated growth and expansion. It offers us the opportunity to step it up, to step onto our highest pathway! 

The Norse God Tyr is a personification of Courage; he was the only one who dared to put his hand into the mouth of the Fenrir Wolf! Tyr is also here to help us see our own inner God/Goddess; embodying our Divinity at the same time as we are also fully present in and honouring our Humanity. 

In this recording you will: 

  • Receive an in-depth energy report from Tim and Lovisa on the recent shifts in the energies and where we currently are.
  • Learn about what it means that you are now stepping into your Walking Mastery. 
  • Get tools to help you anchor and integrate the new intense ascension energies with greater ease and grace. 
  • With the assistance of the Norse Master energies: reactivate your ability to embody your Divinity as a Walking Master of Earth with courage, confidence and trust in yourself. 
  • Under the guidance of Archangels Azriel, Faith and Michael: connect with your immensely powerful Soul to learn more about who you really are and your current role in co-creating the New Golden Age.
  • Tune into the consciousness of the Earth Angel Gaia to see what she would like us to do as a group on the night. We will be working as Master Energy Anchors, and this is high level service work which will be given to us during the event.

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