Good morning and happy Sunday beautiful souls!

Take a deep breath in, open your fifth-dimensional heart centre and ground yourselves. All is well.

Tomorrow we have the most incredible astrological alignment which is going to quickly diffuse the current dynamics and creatively reinforce the higher blueprint on Earth.

As you all know it has been very chaotic out there and we have all been working hard to negate the field of fear with the frequency of love. During the early part of the week I was asking for the date on which the media-fuelled panic would begin to ‘settle’ and I was clearly given the 10th…shortly afterwards I found (as you do) the article which I previously shared and below is a few paragraphs which initially caught my attention. It is also worth noting that the 10th is the day that Mercury moves out of Retrograde and begins to transit direct again. This has been a real shake-up!

The conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, is a mind-blowing sound of change. This is the energy shifter of all energy shifters.” — Astro Drew

“On Monday, March 9th, we have a full Moon in Virgo opposite a Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, with Mercury turning direct, and all happening within a Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, conjunction in Capricorn (in a tight grouping of 22, 24 and 27 degrees).
POW!!! Neptune is a meta-intelligence so far beyond our grasp that there’s no way to rationally comprehend it. THIS MARKS THE BIRTH OF A NEW PARADIGM.?

When the energy shifts like this it is time to use your power of intention to pick your lane, and firmly stay there. The conjunction is highly supportive of high-frequency creation. Everything that is manifested from a point of love will flourish immediately, and anything that is created from fear will be like lighting a fire in the pouring rain.

Many of us have been feeling increasingly impatient for a long time, asking the question ‘why can’t we just shift to 5D and skip all of the boring/icky/testing and generally tedious stuff that we are currently witnessing’?

This was never going to be an overnight shift and in actual reality we are achieving the transition in record time. We moved into ‘4D’ on the 21st December 2012 and are due to have completed by 2032. Please note that this has never been achieved anywhere else in the Universes and we are taking part in a very unique experiment.

All of the Souls that work with us from the higher realms at one stage originated from a planet that would have been designated as a ‘3D learning plane’. As they would have ascended through their polarity and grasped the higher concepts/vibrations they would have experienced similar conditions as us. Earth is unique though…its always been the Ivy League school so why would we do things the easy way?

While all of this is occurring our job is to maintain focus, light and heart-based manifestation. We are being called to address the hidden goodies that we have buried under the carpet so the Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow (17.48 GMT) is the ideal time to set your intentions and release anything that you do not wish to carry with you anymore.

This is a simple visualisation to create your perfect field of high frequency light and you can repeat it whenever you feel a drop/fluctuation in your fields. This will alchemise everything around you to vibrate at your frequency!

“I (your name) call forth to my Cosmic Soul Presence for a personal downpouring of the Gold Ray of Christ, The Christed Mahatma and the Light of Archangel Christiel.

I now anchor and manifest the brightest version of myself to embody the Master that I AM.”

… Repeat 3 times….

“It is so”

Sending you all lots of love,

Tim Whild – 8/3/20

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