Since the Cosmic Moment we have done an incredible amount of personal and planetary work to shift the old ‘3D’ patterns and move into a higher frequency.

The baggage and the blueprints of the previous era cannot be brought with us, and the emphasis is now on releasing the hidden aspects of the etheric bodies. Our emotional bodies contain the memories or imprints of everything that we have experienced in this lifetime and countless incarnations beforehand.

We have been taught to identify with our four-body system as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This construction constitutes the biosphere of our reality, but there is a ‘fifth’ aspect that many of us are becoming increasingly aware of and this is known as the ‘painbody’.

Every time we experience something negative, traumatising or painful our consciousness creates a mechanism to deal with this. It begins in early childhood and rapidly grows to be an ‘alter-ego’ in later life, quite often running the show when life is challenging or when lessons occur. People in a less awakened state of consciousness will spend more time functioning from the painbody than they will from any other, as it becomes a wall of protection.

One effective way to dissolve/release this body is to consciously alchemise it with love, grace and intention.

Due to the quantity of pain that humans have experienced over the last 10,000 years, some of us have accumulated a very robust painbody that requires discipline and patience to release.

In order to do this we do not need to re-visit the trauma/pain…we simply need to observe and release it as it presents itself.

I have been told that there are 52 layers to the human painbody. Some of you may be guided to do this daily for 52 days or you may be guided to do less. Listen to what your Soul or Higher Self tells you and work with the answer.

Daily Visualisation to Release the Painbody (Every morning for as long as you are guided).

  1. Wake up and ground. Visualise a column of Metatron’s Light coming down from the Great Central Sun through your Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Naval, Sacral, Base and your Earth Star.
  2. Allow the column of light to continue down from your Earth Star into Serapis Bey’s Golden Pyramid in Hollow Earth. Ask him to hold you in the highest light…you are now grounded between Heaven and Earth.
  3. Relax with your eyes closed and breathe deeply….call forth to the Masters of Neptune and ask them to grant you access to the Temple of the Sea. This highly sacred place existed during the Golden Era of Atlantis.
  4. See yourself standing outside the Temple. It is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and shaped as a beautiful dome…waves crash on the far edge and the Temple stands tall above you.
  5. Invite your Guides, your Angels, Dragons, Masters and Unicorns to join you if you wish….step into the Temple.
  6. The Masters of Neptune greet you dressed in robes of shifting blue/green. The walls of the Temple have the appearance of being undersea although it is the energy that you can see moving all around you. The atmosphere is deeply peaceful and you feel completely safe.
  7. You are invited to sit in front of a beautiful Aquamarine crystal that is the centre-point of the Temple…take a few moments to feel its power and radiance. This crystal is connected directly to the ascended aspect of Neptune called Toutilley and it is 9th dimensional.
  8. Sitting in front of the crystal take a few moments to breathe and relax…allow yourself to become completely calm. Ask your painbody to step forward now.
  9. At this point you may see an aspect of yourself step forwards. This might be in a recognisable form or it may look completely alien to you..just accept what or whoever has stepped forwards to be released.
  10. Lovingly accompany this aspect of yourself or your memories to the crystal and encourage them to step in.
  11. With a flash of blue-green light they will be taken into the beautiful vibration of Ascended Neptune and alchemised into a higher light…this may take a few moments, or it may happen very quickly.
    (Please be aware that some aspects or memories have a form of consciousness and may be afraid to leave…be gentle).
  12. Thank the Masters of Neptune and everyone who accompanied you. Invoke the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame or the Lilac Fire to flood through your bodies and fields before leaving the Temple of the Sea.
  13. Return fully to your body, open your eyes and smile!

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