Amethyst Crystal Ankh


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Beautiful Large Clear Amethyst Crystal Ankh 💜

length-14.5cm  x w-8.3cm



This beautiful hand carved Ankh has been attuned to the three main energies of the Violet Flame. These are the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, The Lilac Fire of Source and the Golden Rainbow Fire which are held by Archangels Zadkiel, Amethyst and Ascended Master St Germaine.

The Ankh is the Atlantean symbol of the fifth-dimensional heart centre and has been revered by many cultures since the Fall of Atlantis ten thousand years ago. This symbol now represents our own fifth-dimensional heart centre as we move into a golden era of heart-centred consciousness.


A crystal ankh is a delicate but very powerful tool for the Light. If it is kept upon the Keeper’s person it will expand their energy fields considerably as well as providing protection. The heart centre responds to this symbol!


Love & blessings, Tim 🙏🏻💜🙏🏻

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