Clear Quartz Blue Angel Hair Crystal


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Stunning Large Clear Quartz Crystal With Blue Angel Hair✨💎✨

(Pictures taken in natural light and with a torch)


Size- length-12cm x 6.5cm

These amazing crystals are of the highest frequency and are attuned to the energy of Seraphina.

Seraphina is of Seraphim origin and is one of the Higher Angelics who are working with our world at this time. She is often described as ‘twelfth-dimensional’ and is a mixture of many vibrations and consciousnesses.

Crystals like this are capable of doing incredible work at the highest frequency and will act as a beacon to other angel energies. They will also create a wide field of powerful light that will affect everything around it and allow people/places to move into a higher potential if they choose to do so.

Love Tim 💎💎💎

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