Ocean Jasper Crystal Angel


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Stunning Large Ocean Jasper Crystal Angel ✨🙏🏻✨


Size-length-19cm x width-11cm

This beautiful angel is the perfect centrepiece for any meditation/workshop space, home, or office. It will radiate peace and calm and has been attuned to the Archangel of the Waters who is called Archangel Joules. Joules has a serene flow and carries the colours of sea green and deep blue.

When others are around this angel take note of how their energy becomes calm and peaceful and how especially beneficial the vibration is for small children! Placed within the home this angel will radiate its frequency for a distance of many miles and will apply itself to any energy task that you ask it to work with.

Love and blessings,

Tim 💙💚💙💚

(This crystal will be sent tracked worldwide which is included in the price)