IMG_0165.JPGThe light of the September Full Moon is making landfall.
This one is completely unique in constitution for a number of reasons, as the unrelenting illumination of the Great Central Sun continues to pass its 9th dimensional frequencies through the physical portal of our own star.

This is then reflected via our moon, an ascended satellite, and then infused with incredibly powerful energy from the heart of the Divine Feminine.

Many of us are adding the Lunar surges, X Flares and downloads to our list of growing ascension symptoms, and there is no doubt whatsoever of the effect that it is having on us physically. We are changing from our physical cores outwards.

This is just skimming the surface of their purpose, as everyone knows that every pin drop in the Universe has a higher motive.

As these waves of light cascade down, we continue to expand and illuminate.

The moon is directly connected to our activated Causal chakras, located just behind the back of the head.

The purpose of this chakra is to draw in and utilise the highest facets of higher dimensional light, and distribute them as Christ Consciousness. It is literally a doorway to the angelic realms, triggering deep change on every level. This change is now a reality, not just a pipedream of spiritual souls.

We have navigated the initial surge of purification, and are now in the fast moving 20 year window of the fourth dimension.

This increases in pace with every passing second, and by 2032 we need to have established a solid fifth dimensional template for the next dimensional shift.

At a fifth dimensional frequency, our Heart centres are powerful beyond belief.

They are the divine focal point of our all singing, all dancing, ascended Master system.

These are online now, and ready to use whenever we wish to do so…

So use them!

Draw this fantastic Lunar energy through your causal chakras, and expand the light into your fifth dimensional spiritual bodies.

Close your eyes, breath outwards, and feel yourselves transform into beings of pure light.

This is a powerful and unique process that we are undergoing. The only thing that is providing the illusion of it being difficult, is our own belief in limitation. And one thing we are not, is limited.

As Within So Without
As Above So Below
Tim/Thoth 25/9/15

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