Over the course of this year I have been putting videos out rather than writing and my last article was The Last Great Fear Release six months ago https://www.timwhild.com/the-last-great-fear-release/

So much has changed and evolved in the Spring and Summer months, and words seem a better way to describe what we are experiencing in this amazing transition from 3D to 5D.

In January Archangel Metatron told me that two billion souls will awaken by the end of 2020 and I had absolutely no idea of the gravity of this statement. Since 2012 we have all got very acquainted with the personal processes we are experiencing and the vast increase in light to our planet. When the time for physical change occurred, it took us all a little by surprise as the world went into lockdown and many of us began to question our faith.

One of the enduring questions this year has been ‘will Light prevail?’

Once the collective vibration reached a high enough level our realities began to divide into ‘higher and lower’. The bizarre nature of mixing conscious with unconscious in the same space is what has made this year such an incredible learning platform for Lightworkers. We have had every one of our mission boxes ticked as we are rapidly called into our highest roles to answer the clarion call from our hearts.

If you are reading this and have woken up recently it is highly likely that you might be feeling a bit ‘shocked’. This is perfectly natural as our world is being freed from the greatest spell that has ever been cast upon humanity.

This spell was activated by agreement at the fall of Atlantis and has been the bread and butter of our learning experiences. Fear, limitation, control, division, illusion, lies and separation have now been thoroughly explored and Source has all of the information that it wished to gather regarding that dimensional experience.

What we are seeing in the world around us now is the breaking of the spell. In witchcraft the description would be Glamouring…the majority of humans have been glamoured over a long period of time in order for a small percentage (1%) to control the 99%.

This 1% wielded a vast amount of power that was gifted to them, as actors, to do the job that they have got very comfortable with. It was a role that made them incredibly wealthy and allowed them to live in luxury while others had very little or nothing. This is an almost perfect reflection of what polarity can create when free will adheres to ego rather than the heart.

For thousands of years the 1% have feared a great awakening. They prepared fastidiously for it by creating greater measures of social control, war, division and hoarding of wealth to prevent consciousness from evolving in human souls.

Every preparation that they made has been shattered this year as the Great Awakening has torn around our planet with the force of a star being born.

In order to restrain this sacred event, we are now witnessing their panic as they attempt to ‘lock down’ the expansion of the Light.

If you are feeling any fear at this moment in time, please be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Fear is perfectly natural during periods of change, but it is how you respond to this fear that will be important.
You will see people behaving very strangely as they acclimatise to their new vibration. Many will be feeling like they have just woken up from a very long slumber and they need love, care, attention, guidance and a helping hand.

Some people might not be ready to make the transition yet. Moving into the Golden Era to experience life in 5D is a very specific soul choice and it is up to the warriors amongst us to respect this choice.

On Friday 16th October (Libra New Moon) a powerful operation took place to reclaim and clear out the Lower Astral. The entities that have been in control since the Fall were cleared out and sent back to the Light leaving the controlled souls (politicians/shadow Gov) with no lifeline and no further instructions. Our job is now to continue to raise the Light and hold this planet in a state of the highest love while the changes take place. The old cannot be replaced by a similar energy so it is very important that our actions come from a place of love rather than fear/anger.

December 21st 2020 is one of the most important dates on the spiritual calendar that we will ever experience. It is the end of the Great Glamouring of Humanity and the Sons of Belial are handing back their keys after years of being in the driving seat.

Keep your light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp.

As Within So Without,
As Above So Below.

With love and blessings, Tim Whild representing the Intergalactic Council 20.10.20

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