We have all gracefully stepped into the Golden Age of Aquarius with our hearts wide open, and our Retrograde Suits on.

Since the dawning of the Cosmic Moment, the Children of the Light have been feeling increasingly challenged by the movement of 3d to 5d. Cleansing, DNA/Lightbody upgrades are now a facet of everyday life.
Caught in the middle of this is the humble employer…every workforce, in some way will contain a Lightworker, and these numbers will increase and grow very rapidly.
To an employer, a Lightworker is akin to a computer virus.

One minute fastidiously turning up to work for bugger all money, the next…rejecting the system due to the heinous process of ‘waking up’ and taking countless days off for a myriad of ‘fictitious’ excuses.
In these times of intense change, one thing that never fails to amuse me is hearing these excuses.

To us, they are very real…to sleepy people, they sound like utter cobblers.
Doctors are baffled. How can all these people be having such terrible times, but not be cured with a nice juicy prescription?
Here is the top 10 list of current reasons not to hit the office at 8am tomorrow morning….

There’s 9 weeks of this a year…I’m booking them all off now.
2. I’m upgrading. Won’t be able to attend work for at least 3 days.
3. My Pineal Gland just burst. Need to get my third eye fixed before I look at a computer screen again.
4. It’s a full moon/new moon. Can’t come in…I’m manifesting a new job.
5. My Merkabah needs waxing.

No-one likes an unkempt Merkabah…need to sort it out before I go out in public.
6. I drank too much Unicorn Milk last night. Feel like crap.
7. My Dragon bit me. Won’t be in for the rest of the month.
8. I was guided to move to Findhorn. Bye!
9. My guides told me that you were a Reptile in your last incarnation. Looking for another job.
10. I don’t need an excuse, I’ve just ascended! See you in the fifth dimension.
Love and blessings,
Thoth and Anubis ?

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