Beloved Archangels Metatron, Michael and Raphael.
I (name), call for the immediate balancing of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self here on Earth.
I invoke the assistance of the Pleiadean Healing Team to bring balance and harmony to my four-body system.
I release all my fear to Highest Source understanding that change is upon me and that I am supported every step of the way.
I live, breath and expand joyfully every second of every day,
I AM balance,
I AM unity,
I AM Living Love.
I AM my Higher Self

(Repeat three times)

My Beloved Higher Self and Highest Source, I now request from centre of my Glowing Heart, that this manifestation is activated with immediate effect.
I now stand on this planet with glowing, radiant health.

(Breathe this prayer to Source using the power of intention)

Higher Source Love and Light, I now receive my blessings.
As Within So Without,
As Above So Below.

It is done.

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