This decree is an activation to assist you to anchor a pillar of love and light to wherever you are in the world. Using any crystal that you have you can also request that the pillar of light can be anchored anywhere that you wish it to be activated.

“I (your name) hereby invoke the United Councils of Light, the Dragon Forces, The Serapim, The Unicorns, The Archangels and the Legions of Anubis. I also request the illumined presences of Ascended Masters Merlin, Thoth, and Serapis Bey.

I now request in the name of the light and under the Law of Grace that a pillar of pure love be brought down from the Cosmic Heart to (here…your place/destination). (See the pillar of light come down to be anchored by the Masters)

I ask by the highest laws of the Universe that this portal of light allows a field of love to spread as far as it can. I ask that it neutralises all dark energies, spells, fear, fields of illusion and ill-intentions for anyone or anything on this planet. I also ask that it closes any negative entrance points in its vicinity.

Now I command the energies of courage, grace, peace, unity, centredness, clarity, serenity, and abundance to spread within this field to alchemise all fear and turn it into the purest love.

Please bring forth the dragons to hold the pillar in the highest integrity and for the Legions of Anubis to always guard it.

(Say 3 times out loud and with authority!)

It Is So.

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