Decree to Protect the Children of Earth – by Tim Whild.

*This decree is written for the events of our current times but will also be effective in future situations. The wording can be altered to suit all circumstances*.

Repeat out loud three times with authority and intent to the Universe –

“I (your name) in the name of the Light and under The Law of Grace invoke the might of the heavens… to surround the children of Earth with the highest form of protection and love.

I call upon the United Councils of Light from around the Universe. I call upon the esteemed members of the Board of Karma.
I invoke the presences of Seraphim Seraphina, Seraphim Seraphisa and Seraphim Seraphisel.
I call forth the Legions of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Zadkiel and all Dragons, Unicorns plus the Elemental Realm.

May every child walking our Earth be blessed with safety, protection, comfort, and the highest form of heart-based love. This includes all young souls, teenagers in the care of their parents, children, and those yet to be born. Every child is sacred.

From this moment I command that each of these precious souls be surrounded by the brightest light, the strongest of heaven’s love, and wrapped in the Wings of the Seraphim.
I call forth to the Sentinels of Anubis to watch over each one of them and to provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual protection. I declare them free to walk our world in safety and peace.

I ask that Archangel Gabriel now begins the disconnection of the 3D Alta Major chakras. May light, vision and clarity return to Earth and the Atlantean Spell of Illusion be broken! Now!

It Is So.”

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