Happy New Year! 

In my experience the 9 year that has just passed was filled with some of the highest energies that we have encountered, and following the Solstice the vibration soared exponentially.

Every four years we go through a process of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical evolution with roughly one year dedicated to focus on any given point. The completion of this latest cycle occurred on the Winter Solstice, effectively hitting the reset button ready for the next one. What we are now entering is a completely new spectrum of energies which are very evident once the holidays finish and everything returns to normal.

My blogs are dedicated to my observations based upon my personal experience, and 2016 was definitely a year filled with experiences!

January 1st 2017 breaks down in numerology to 111. How many of you have seen this number reoccurring when you look at clocks or elsewhere? I for one see it very regularly as the the Universe gives us continuous messages as to whether we are on track or not, or to indicate the presence of Masters and Angels around us. To me it means ‘keep clear and precise’. Manifestation is a fine art based on the intention of your internal projections, and as we move gracefully into this new year our ability to create our reality increases with every new second.

When I tune into Planet Earth now I feel the shifting and changing elements of our dimensionally mixed societies, melting and merging together to raise the global vibration. This has been happening for four years now but in the Autumn months the focus of the Higher Realms was to get their job done while the energies were supportive. To simplify this, imagine pouring honey into hot water…what happens? Initially the honey diffuses adding sweetness but when the volume of honey becomes greater than the ratio of the water, the mixture becomes honey with a bit of water in it. That is exactly what is happening within and upon our planet right now. We are adding honey to existing waters and allowing the diffusion to spread rapidly. At some point very recently the diffusion hit the 50/50 mark as the Light upon this planet soared to reflect the quantity of open (fifth-dimensional) hearts covering the planet.

Millions of us have woken up and this is a magical time. It may take some shifting of focus to acknowledge this but what is happening here has never been achieved before anywhere in the Multiverse. An 18 year transition from separation to Unity under the most pressurised conditions possible and I think we have all thoroughly earned the love, light and abundance that comes from fifth-dimensional living.

Traditionally today is the day that souls will begin their New Years resolutions. These can range from small to large changes in thoughts, personal habits and lifestyles and the Universe will wholeheartedly support this. In truth, the Universe would support this at any given second as we get the chance for our ‘New Years Day’ whenever we choose it. Our reality continuously shifts and changes in response to our point of focus, and whatever we ‘order’ we receive with unconditional love from the reflections we create.

I have chosen to dedicate my year to opening as many hearts as possible. Every open or fifth-dimensional heart has the ability to light up and activate everyone else around them, dormant heart chakras being activated in their thousands by one single illuminated point of Light. Remember this and you will be doing the most powerful work for every second of your waking day, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Wishing you all a love filled, peaceful and abundant Earth year.

Love and blessings, Tim/Thoth 1-1-17

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