8881698_orig.jpgAmongst the information, emotional upheaval, laughing, crying, intensity, periods of activity/inactivity and global change, lies a glowing, diamond heart.

This heart contains the energy that everyone on this planet is evolving towards, massively, unrelentingly, either consciously or unconsciously, and lies at the root of every sentient being living in and on this plane of existance.

This heart is The Christ Conciousness, the Conciousness that our spark of existance evolved from. Pure Love.

Very recently, we have all started to feel the prize in its true essence. Our Divine Heritage, the very reason for our myriad incarnations, whether Starseed or Terrestrial creations, we are all gathered here now for the same reasons.

There is no separation now, the blanket of Unconditional Love has revealed that there never was any separation, and the realisation of this has blown every Heart wide open.

In the process of achieving this, there has been many pre-arranged training sessions and initiations for all of those choosing to participate in the Ascension of Gaia and all upon it.

Most moving through these initiations have now entered the phase of Walking Mastery that allows them Deep Sight. This is the sight that sees beyond physical vision, the sight that penetrates the layers of illusion that have been so effective in keeping the Third Dimension the ultimate illusion in itself.

As this illusion melts before our very eyes, the structures crumble, the sleeping wake up, dark becomes light, and all returns to the Source Vortex of Zero Point.

As this does so, the loose ends are continuing to be tied up.

Not instantly, as many would wish, but in a deep healing, transformational process.

On the surface, from a point of ego, this transformation can look to be anything but constructive.

Poverty continues, disasters escalate, wars continue to be fought, but the growing cellular chime between the inhabitants of Earth now produces increasing miracles within the madness.

A miracle is, quite literally, a change of perception.

It is the perception of the amazing and unreal happening, but to those looking for miracles with every waking minute of their concious life, this is now a regular daily occurance.

Every breath is a miracle. Once recognised, life takes an utterly different perspective.

A lot has been asked of the Light team, the forgers of the New World.

Everyone, concious and filled with fresh love, has been asked to assist in the creationary co-manifestation of The Fifth Dimension.

Although all the structural work is being done by those in the Higher Realms, the real tough stuff is being done down here on the surface.

One of the deepest tests that one can possibly participate in is the Alchemically Transormative art of Acceptance.

This, Beloved Masters, is the one that puts the cherry on the cake.The true key to everything that is being brought forth to be laid bare to the new light.

Acceptance, to a fully active ego, is the ultimate nemesis.

Egos don’t accept, it is their nature to avoid acceptance and create scenarios that continue to feed them.

Without acceptance, a true facet of Unconditional Love, an ego can continue to flourish in the illusionary role that has kept them healthy for 260,000 years.

We are asked to accept. We don’t have to if we don’t wish to, that is down to Free Will, but acceptance is one of the core facets of the ascension process.

To move into the Master role that is so very close now, there are going to many opportunities to exercise this beautiful energy in all aspects of a Masters existance.

I speak of this through current, personal experience.

To highlight and mirror this further, I have seen, heard of and read of many examples of others being placed in similar situations, all in the same week.

To accept is to give the ultimate grace to anyone or any situation that presents itself, in any aspect of ones life.

No matter what is occurring.This can be, due to the presence of the ego, a very challenging scenario to work through.

Take for example, witnessing something within your third dimensional reality that upsets or angers you.

How do react?

Do you react with anger, force or confrontation?

Or do you approach the situation from a fifth dimensional perspective, staying centred within yourself and offering unconditional love to all and everything involved?

The latter, obviously, is the approach of the Higher Self in any situation, but once buttons are pressed, this can rapidly turn into some very blurred lines between shoulds, maybes and shouldn’t haves.

This is being presented to all now, not just in personal situations, but in those occurring globally too.

The Zero Point of any such scenario, is to master complete acceptance of all and everything.

Non-Interferance is a critical Law applied when the ego tells us to ‘intervene’, rescue or advise another soul who is acting or behaving in a manner that we do not see as befitting.

Immediately, this is then imposing our will upon their free will and adding our energy to their lessons, and thus drawing their Karma onto ourselves.

There are no blurred lines with this Law, and when looked at from a point of total love and acceptance, there is no need to interfere. The person and situation has been accepted, transforming the potential ego-scenario into its highest potential perspective.

This now, brings me back to the point of my discourse.

The Law of Non-Interferance, complete acceptance of All That Is, is the greatest gift that one being can give to another.

It is the energy that will alchemise the ascension process and lead the energies from third dimension to fifth dimension.

All that is required is our self awareness in all situations that present themselves, and they will present themselves, to place all HUbeings in the position that we have all been waiting lifetimes for…

Ascension, Christ Conciousness, Oneness and Pure Love.


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