Blessings for the first day of the month!

The last week has seen a lot of intense activity with high frequency energies coming in.

Here is a simple invocation to open and activate your fifth dimensional heart centre.

Visualisation to Activate the Fifth Dimensional Heart Chakra

  1. Relax, and prepare for meditation. Light a candle and find a sacred space.
  2. Sit quietly and focus upon your breathing.
  3. Feel your breath filling your lungs, and as you breathe out see it as golden-white light.
  4. Bring your attention to the centre of your chest. See your heart centre as pure radiant white, surrounded by a beautiful golden glow.
  5. With each in-breath, see your heart expanding until it has reached the width of your shoulders.
  6. Feel its power and magnificence, and see it connected to the higher realms by golden threads of light.
  7. Ask your heart a question. This can be anything that currently concerns you about yourself or our planet.
  8. Wait for its response, it may come in the form of a picture, words or feelings.
  9. Take the first answer that is given to you. Thank your heart.
  10. Now think of family, friends or even souls that are not close to you physically.
  11. See them cocooned in the centre of your glowing heart, bathed in its radiance and light.
  12. See their hearts starting to glow like yours.
  13. Ask Archangels Chamuel, Christiel and Mary to illuminate all facets of your heart during the day and night.
  14. Ask them to take your light and spread it to your soul family.
  15. Open your eyes, and be ready to spread your light to all you meet.

Lots of love, Tim ???

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