Working with crystals and crystal skulls has been a passion of mine since I can remember. As a child I would collect rocks and pieces of brightly coloured glass and arrange them in ‘order’, or simply filled my pockets with them. In an old keepsake cabinet at my Mothers house is a small piece of every area that I visited before the age of 13.It was just a ‘childish hobby’ to those around me, but I soon realised why I was so drawn to fragments of our planet when I discovered crystals properly in my early 20’s.

During Atlantean times the entire Continent was powered by advanced crystal technology that was way beyond our current scientific comprehension. Vast crystals and pyramids harnessed the power of the Sun and stars, pouring the energy into copper matrices to provide us with clean energy and unlimited resources. We are moving into the revival of this way of life now and as we progress further into the Age of Aquarius we will see the return of our ancient knowledge. Atlantis existed as a blueprint for the way of life that we will see on our planet once balance has been restored. Many remember the mistakes that we made during these times but that is why we make mistakes…to learn and evolve from them.

When a crystal is mined from the Earth it is done with a conscious process of permission, as it is a Being in its own right. All crystals have a different state of vibration but have the ability to hold, store, gather and express knowledge at a very high level.

This article is intended to cover one of the most commonly asked questions that I hear. “How do I work with my crystal?”

Once you have chosen your crystal in whatever form it has chosen to express itself the process is incredibly natural. Many people think that working with them is complicated or that they won’t know what to do and I hope to simplify this. Once you hold your crystal in your hand your connection has been made and the work has already started.

These are a few simple guidelines that I follow when using my crystals.

1. Communicate with your crystal using your voice, it is a conscious expression of a higher form of energy that has solidified into a beautiful object. It will have been ‘speaking’ to you from the second you laid eyes on it, and this communication can arrive in any form through thoughts, direct words or via synchronicity around you. Be open to responses from the Crystalline Field. Not all of us receive information in the same way and many people are intuitively affected by contact with crystals. This means that instead of hearing clear voices we act on an instinctive energy that is synchronistic with Universal signs and flow. Your crystal will be part of your conscious thought patterns wherever you are.

2. Crystals love to be placed in the elements. Sun, rain, wind and Moonlight are perfect for keeping your crystal charged and clear. Always place it outside during Lunar events such as a New or Full Moon.

Certain crystals such as the angelic Selenite are water soluble and are not good with moisture. If you own such a crystal the chances are that your supplier will have already informed you that they should be kept dry (i.e. Sunshine only)

3. When I receive and then sell a crystal, it has always been activated and cleared of lower vibrations. To ensure this is so yourself you can call in energies such as the Violet Flame or Mahatma to remove any lower vibrations and purify the energy.

Hold your crystal in your right hand, close your eyes and visualise your crystal purified in whatever Light you choose. Their energy field will immediately shift and respond to the higher vibration. When you are ready to RECEIVE information, switch the crystal to your LEFT hand and let the energy flow directly to you.

4. Activating a crystal is a process of higher communication. A crystal is always conscious, but when I use the term ‘activated’ I mean that I have linked that crystal specifically to an external energy source. You can use your intention (asking) to connect your crystal to a higher energy framework that exists in the dimensional spaces around you. An example of this would be the Atlantean Skull Conclave created by the crystal skulls from over 10,000 years ago. The energy exists in pools very much like a modern day iCloud and can be accessed easily with intention.

To access this, hold your crystal in your right hand and ask it to connect to (example) The Great Crystal of Atlantis. Your intention to connect is paramount, ask and it will be so. Wait and see what response you receive and if you have the space and time, meditate on the connection and any information that you may receive.

5. Carry your crystal with you. Most crystals (except larger ones) are very portable. When they are with you they will act as a magnet for higher vibrations and energy, drawing them to you and expanding your energy fields. A perfect example of this would be simple clear quartz which can expand your energy fields to five times their normal size.

6. Remember that your crystal records (and can absorb) EVERYTHING around you. In its ‘dormant’ state the nature of quartz is to act as historian or record keeper for the planet. This is what makes tapping into crystals such an amazing experience, you are talking to someone that has existed since the Earth solidified. The simplest and most effective way of ensuring that you and your companion remain clear is to ask your crystal to receive energies ONLY from 5D and above. From that moment on, the crystal will only allow high frequencies to connect and be stored.

7. There are two types of crystal or natural rocks that we are drawn to and I am using a very generalised classification here. The first would be the crystals that have formed into clear spectrums and most of these have the advanced ability to attune to many illumined frequencies and exist in the higher dimensions simultaneously. Examples of this would be Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz and many others.

Others would be the formations that have been infused with the natural minerals of the Earth to form stones such as Agate, Hematite, Jasper and Lapis Lazuli. These have very specific qualities that allow the Keeper to attune to Earth Wisdom that is unlocked with the connection to the stone. These stones/crystals don’t tend to be so inclined to record and store information as the clear crystals as they are already fully imbued with the knowledge of their form and area.

8. If you have clear crystals, store your information! For example, not all of us have the time available to do our favourite meditations/activations every day. If you read the words (or play your CD etc) to your crystal it will store it word for word upon request. The following day you then ask your crystal to re-create the energy around you and it will do so immediately. Crystals that record very well tend to be clear, such as quartz. Silicon chips in computers are made from the same material and a tiny piece can hold an vast quantity of information.

9. Relax and trust yourself. One issue that I see every day is powerful souls doubting the validity of their own information. Most of the time when we receive something we immediately look for verification to ‘prove’ that it is correct. In my experience the first thing that drops in is usually the one to go with, so look for signs (or ask for one) if you are having doubts.

10. You can use your crystal to set up a perimeter of high frequency energy around your home or workspace very easily. For example, call in an energy such as the protective Gold Ray of Christ and ask your crystal to expand this energy to the diameter of the space you wish to cover. If it is your entire house say, hold your crystal in your right hand, close your eyes and say ‘my crystal, please expand your energy radius to a sphere of 500 meters, and hold the Gold Ray of Christ steady for myself, my family and my home. Thankyou.’ Close your eyes and watch the energy expand in your mind and know that it will remain there until you ask it to stop.

These are just a few simple examples of how to work and bond with your crystal. I am writing a comprehensive book on the subject soon.

Much love, Tim 17/11/16

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