Christ Consciousness Merkabah ActivationIt has come to my attention that there is another treat in store for everyone this weekend.

My beloved friends Andrew Hobbs and Melchizedek provided me with some information this morning.

Within the notes of the reading was a number… 13.20.33

This number carries the frequency of the Christ Consciousness Merkabah, the Fifth Dimensional,crystalline energy body of Pure Love that we are moving into.

It is my understanding that we are at the stage of the Ascension process where our Fifth Dimensional Merkabah, the Christ Consciousness Merkabah is now making its ascent/descent into our existing energy construction, thus creating the new template for our Light/Love body.

Up until recently, this process could be actively sought and applied manually by those striving forward on the Ascension Path.

The process here and now has become automatic, we have fully agreed to participate in this, and our Higher Selves drive the process with meticulous precision. This is what it is all about, as you all know, leaving limited 3D consciousness, and entering expanded 5D consciousness.

As it occurs, in conjunction with the 12 chakra activation, two pyramids of light, one from the Earth and one from the Upper Soul levels, ascend and descend (point down on descent,point up on ascent) to join within us creating the Expanded, Unified,Crystalline, Christ Consciousness Merkabah.

The number I wish to share is a number provided by Mechizedek, via Thoth, to assist in the smooth transition and placement of this new expansion.

Simply repeat out loud, or to yourself,

13.20.33 Christ Consciousness Merkabah Activate

Beautiful and simple. This can be repeated once, or used as a Mantra.

Your fields, energy bodies, and cellular matrix will automatically be aligned to the frequency of this code, and will assist in the accelerated construction of this amazing process.

Breathe deeply, and feel your alignment.

Solstice Blessings to you all <3

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