Christ-Consciousness TerraformingThe higher, crystalline, Christ-Consciousness grid around,and within, our planet is anchored and activated.

We, as beings, are responding to this rise in frequency by merging with our Higher Selves, ascension is taking place.

There are many phases that have to be gone through as an individual to achieve this, and souls all over our planet are either well on their way, or in the early stages of the waking up process.

No-one, regardless of their state of awareness, is unaffected by this. The ascension process is a very personal experience and no two merges will be the same, every one will be unique.

The beings in etheric, not so behind the scenes any more, are working to a schedule. The planetary grid structuring is not holding back, and therefore the rise in frequency within some people is becoming forced.

The awakening, and luminous population of Earth look very different etherically now.

Since the fall of Atlantis, and the extensive experiment to explore the third dimension began, dedicated masters have incarnated on Earth to keep an equilibrium in frequencies.

On the surface, things may have appeared to have swung pretty low in our annals of history, but they could have been considerably lower without higher intervention.

One such soul, made famous by the recording of his story, is Yeshua(Jesus).

Yeshua incarnated here to establish a portal of Christ Consciousness at a point when the energy was devolving to an unacceptable level.

He succeeded, but none of the organisers of his mission forsaw the way that the bible would be altered and his teachings later falsified.

Moving out of this stream of reality now, 2000 years later, the groundwork he established is now achieving the required result.

All over our ascending planet, the Christ Consciousness is activating the opening hearts of those who have chosen to move forward.

The sacred portals of our planet are counted at 33, the number resonant with the Christ Consciousness. Alongside the Heart chakra of our planet they are coming online, spreading high frequency light along the Ley systems of Earth.

All is going to plan, just as it should be.

Each soul reading this has a vital part to play in this. We are all Walking Masters of Earth, even if some of us are yet to realise this.

Within every single person is power beyond the comprehension of the third dimensional mind. We are only limited by conditioning.

Assisting the process of aligning to the Christ Consciousness, and accelerating the Earth process can be done by us as well as the etheric realms.

Portals of Christ Consciousness can be opened anywhere, even in ones own home.

This kind of work is simple, safe, effective and always overseen by those assisting from the Higher Realms.

State your intention to align an area of your choice with the Christ Consciousness.

Say “ 13 20 33 Christ Consciosness Merkabah activate

Feel yourself merge with the higher flow of Light.

Call to Archangels Metatron and Christiel to assist you and hold your chosen area in the highest integrity.

Say ” 12 22 33, Unified Christ Consciousness Portal activate

The area or space you have chosen will be flooded with golden high frequency light.

This will then be aligned to the higher grids, and spread throughout the planetary Ley systems.

Masters such as Thoth, Serapis Bay and Anubis have been maintaining this method in etheric for millenia.

Now we are in a position to use it too.

Call upon the Legions of Anubis and the Fire Dragons to keep the frequency of your chosen place high and clear at all times.

Love and blessings to you all <3

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