Cosmic Inflow Light Anchor Points 1It’s the 12th February and the light inflow and energy cleansing is growing more intense by the day.

I won’t diverge into what is occurring in each individual country, as that is now very obvious. The energies must be swept out to make may for the laying in of new patterns, and the structure of the fifth dimensional matrix.

On a personal level, every soul standing on this planet is receiving a daily light quotient that is in excess of their usual comfort zone. Again this is necessary, and the level of personal acceptance and flow dictates how this is processed.

After a brief communication with Archangel Metatron this morning, I was given a little more insight into this, and also how it can be utilised more effectively.

Cosmic Inflow Light Anchor Points 2Very simply, the light is flooding into our sphere of reality from the Acension Pool, and in controlled bursts from Helios, The Great Central Sun.

As it enters our current matrix, it has three layers to work through, third, fourth and fifth dimension, and this is becoming a bit chaotic for souls receiving the bursts.

The result is the ‘Ascension Symptoms’ that have become very much a point of focus. This is now a full reality as the physical body is indeed changing on a cellular level.

I have written before about the activation of the twelve strand DNA and the integration of the twelve chakra system.

All is progressing very nicely.

As this light from The Great Central Sun is altering the reality we function in, it is also increasing in frequency on a daily basis, and as you may have noticed, the ‘wattage’ has gone up recently.

A little like swapping a 40 watt lightbulb in your lounge for a 100 watt one. Noticeably brighter, and not necessarily comfortable to relax in.

This light and the codes contained within it needs anchoring and distributing evenly.

Archangel Metatron has suggested that this is something that can be easily achieved by those consciously aware of the situation, and will greatly help others around to integrate it themselves.

Here is a simple invocation to hold yourself as a Cosmic Inflow Light Anchor Point.

Beloved Archangel Metatron, I (name) give full permission for myself to hold and anchor the current inflow of Cosmic Light.

I ask that my fields and body systems are held at 81%, and that I provide a cellular chime to all those around me.

I AM A Walking Master

I AM The Ascension Flame on Earth

Love and blessings <3

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