GratitudeThe first time I attempted to write this was on the first day that Mercury turned retrograde.

Naturally, I got to the final paragraph before my phone died and I lost the lot (…cue fifth dimensional toys leaving fifth dimensional pram).


In these more advanced days of Light Influx, DNA activation and plain, simple change, sometimes it’s easy to forget to breathe.

One of the simplest forms of bringing yourself into alignment is to sit still, watch ones breathing and assess individual progress. And turn inwards.

The difference in HUmanities frequency compared to two months ago is extraordinary to say the least.

But these are extraordinary times.


The Souls reading this, most likely, are running a Higher Perspective.

The Fifth Dimensional outlook on life, mixed quite naturally with a hint of trepidation.

The disintegrating ego’s response to everything that it identifies with, falling away into atoms of pure light.

There are fantastic fast moving days, and days that feel like one is wearing concrete boots. This is perfectly natural, and everyone knows how to flow with it. This is being read by Masters, after all.


As the final lessons contained within the Third Dimensional chakras play out, I feel it is important to refer the energy contained within the facet of Pure Love, known as Gratitude.

Gratitude is a pure form of emotion, displayed in honour to the appropriate source, in response for the receiving of Blessings in whatever form they manifest.

This can be anything… material gain, situations resolving positively, or simply joy of living. Gratitude for Source Abundance in all it’s magical forms.


I wish to give gratitude today.

I have a huge amount to be grateful for, but there are some points of focus that I must honour. Simply because I wish to.

My points of focus today are the Souls that I share my mission here with.

My Wife and children go without saying.

My Wife, through her pure frequency and Mother Mary energy, provided me with the final piece of the puzzle that I needed to evolve into my current format.

Our children are all joys in their own right, and like all children, will be the foundations of our evolving new reality.



I have been good friends with Diana Cooper for a decade now.

I met her at a book signing in my local town in 2003, and in late 2008, she was the key to my awakening.

After a drastic life change, she, via her wonderful guide Lord Kumeka and Archangel Metatron, informed me of who I was and what I had to do here.

It was a warm September evening, and as we sat outside in her garden discussing information that was clearly a suprise to both of us, feathers rained from the trees.

After I left, she counted in excess of 200 that fell onto a freshly cut lawn.

Since then, and especially recently, Diana has assisted my growth, and mine hers, and we now work together when it is needed, bringing through crucial information for the higher good of all.


Quite recently, I met someone again that I have known for a very long time.

Polaris AB was my good friend in Atlantis.

We worked together, side by side, bringing technology into the Light of day that staggered even the Higher Forces in those times.

His source of Power and Wisdom is so advanced, his vibration so high, that having him incarnate now is a miracle in itself.

We have immediately slipped back into our old roles again.

I have a feeling that he used to have to respond to me with patience that you would apply to an annoying child, even back in Atlantean times.

Polaris has worked with unconditional love to get my website off the ground, along with many other things.

I thank him now for all of this and the many things to come too.

Polaris AB, apart from his incredible information, is just starting his mission with crystal technology here.

He currently provides attunement to Crystal Skulls, attuned to the Primary Skulls, active now on Earth.


Andrew Hobbs is the most incredible Angelic channel.

His flow with Melchizedek is so pure that it is hard to distinguish where HUman and High Angelic are seperate.

Andrew/Melchizedek have provided me with total confirmation about my mission.

This was done from a point of complete non-information prior to meeting me, and I refer still to his words on days when I need to re-focus.

If any of you wish to hear the words of a Divine Poet, crafted lovingly for each individual, I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Maitreya Miranda is the physical form of the Christ Conciousness, incarnate here and now.

The Christ Conciousness, represented now by the energies of the Divine Feminine, prove just how amazing this period in time here really is.

After so long, the energies now finally balance, and she will do this and much more with Pure Unconditional Love.

I am blessed to have connected with her at this early stage of my mission, and look forward to the coming years in Service to this planet.


Since birth, I have been assisted, like we all have, by the myriad of Ascended/Angelic beings that continually surround everyone.

My difference is that I have always been aware of this, and considering how difficult I found human company as a child, I blessed this from the word go.

If I were to thank them all here, the list would still be being written long into the night. You know who you all are, but I will particularly acknowledge my close friend Archangel Metatron, and also Archangel Michael for standing by my side in the early years.

I so look forward to spending the rest of my journey, in whatever forms and opportunities the Fifth Dimension brings, working in co-operation and co-creation with these Beings of Light.

This includes every single other Soul I have connected with recently, and all the others to come too.


Lastly, I give gratitude to my Higher Self for teaching me the ropes and giving me/us the opportunity to spend time on Earth/Gaia.

The higher this frequency goes, the better this all feels.

And the best part is that it’s now staying that way forever.


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