And no Heart shall be left untouched….

Words that have been used many times in the poetic texts, and descriptions, of the previous dimension.

These words now apply to every soul on Earth, no matter where they are, or what level of consciousness that they appear to occupy.

Helios, The Great Central Sun, has provided a new inflow via high frequency waves coming to our planet, and it is our job to integrate and establish these as fluidly as possible.

These waves of light are designed specifically to open our heart nexus at a fifth dimensional level.

The effect of this is to provide another wave of deep awakening, illuminating the facets of the human soul that have been immersed in separation for over 20,000 years.

Many of us are already operating from this fifth dimensional heart centre. More than would ever imagine.

This pure white heart chakra, overlit with beautiful gold light, is the primary port of call within the newly activated nexus column. It is up and running first, and will also be the final anchor point when the other 11 are in, settled, and free of the various lessons that are currently being worked through.

There are 33 facets of the fifth dimensional heart centre, or 33 petals.

Each of these facets contain a variety of individualised lessons to work through, and come in three stages.

Lower fifth, mid fifth, and the final upper stages of the ascension integration process.

The Helios frequencies are the catalyst for a major surge in heart flow, and the opportunities to open our hearts further and wider.

Moving through these openings may present us with fast-track scenarios in our everyday existance, that work according to our specified lesson plans.

Stay alert, aware and within your own centre. All is love. All is flow.

There are three illuminated beings, Archangels, who are overseeing the progress of the heart centres of Humanity.

Archangel Chamuel, Angel Mary of the Divine Feminine, and Archangel Christiel who joined us fairly recently as the progress of our planet became an Intergalactic priority.

Our individual ascension plan on Earth doesn’t just affect us on Earth, it has a resonant affect throughout the entire Cosmos, and all of the inter-dimensional facets contained within this.

Some of us are happy just Being, and moving through these times with an attitude of awe and expectation.

Others may choose to use tools, accelerations and assistance to boost their progress. All methods are correct, and perfect for each individual.

This is an invocation, or tool, that I have brought through to assist with the balancing of these new frequencies.

Those I have connected with via Skype may already be familiar with the format of it.

Choose your favourite meditation spot.

Call forth to Archangels Chamuel, Mary and Christiel.

Ask Christiel to surround you and your fields in a fifth dimensional bubble of golden-white light. This will hold the integrity of your sacred space.

Ask that they open and illuminate the 33 petals of your heart centre.

Visualise the 33 segments gently opening, like a Spring flower.

Chamuel will work first, followed by Mary, and then Christiel.

Visualise your heart nexus glowing pure white, and flooding everything around you with pure, fifth dimensional energy.

From your heart centre, send a column of pure heart energy down through your solar plexus (gold), naval (orange) sacral (pink) base (platinum) and earth star (hematite grey) and down into the centre of Hollow Earth.

See your heart light meeting the white Ascension Flame of Serapis Bey and gently blending with it.

Breath this heart light and ascension flame back up the column and back into your heart centre.

From your heart centre, breath your heart light upwards, through your throat (blue) third eye(clear emerald) crown (gold) causal (lunar white) soul star (magenta) stellar gateway (bright gold) and up into the Cosmos.

See it travelling up, in a unified column of white light, until it reaches our own Sun.

Visualise your column of light passing through the Sun and onwards. It soon reaches a brighter, etheric Star, that burns with pure golden-white intensity.

This is Helios, the core of our Universe, the ninth dimensional source of all light matter constructing our reality.

Watch your heart light gently merge with this purity, and slowly, gently breath it back down into the centre of your being.

Take a few moments to breath deeply, and integrate these beautiful frequencies into every cell of your bodies.

This light fills your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual constructions

With two out breaths, fill your expanded Christ-Consciousness Merkabah with pure golden-white light.

Note that this Merkabah construction covers a radius of 20 miles.

See it illuminating everything it touches at a fifth dimensional frequency.

Open your eyes. You are now grounded both into the centre of Gaia, and into the Great Central Sun.

Spread your illumination.

Love to you all

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