Huna Prayer for Ascension SymptomsWe are moving through very exciting times at present. Everything is changing.

We are expanding our consciousness on a physical/mental/emotional and spiritual level, in alignment with the planetary upgrade, and a jump in frequencies like this has never been made anywhere before.

The true accelerations started at the Cosmic Moment 21/12/12, and at that point everything started to change energetically.

There are many of us on the spiritual path, that have been consciously raising our light quotient over the past decades, using methods of meditation, acts of selflessness and kindness, or applying channelled activations given to us by the Higher Realms.

One question I get asked frequently now is ‘why do I feel so unwell, tired, unbalanced and over-emotional?’ and the answer is very simple.

Our Higher Selves are in the process of preparing our physical bodies for a full merge, and everyone is progressing at a rate that is perfect for them at this moment in time.

We operate fully under guidance, and are never given any more or any less than we are capable of coping with.

This does not necessarily mean that it always feels wonderful.

Physical ascension, our current goal, requires the four fields of our ‘Earth Bodies’ to contain a light quotient of 80-85%.

Once 80% is achieved, the new twelve chakra system is functioning and we are classed as Walking Masters.

To obtain this quotient, any density that we have within us, spreading back over lifetimes in many cases, has to be released. And this is what we are all going through at present.

On top of this, the Light and activation codes from Helios and the Astrological/Lunar alignments trigger everything that exists within our reality, and the planet that we stand upon.

So that, dear friends, is a very simplified explanation of why some days feel like they are very hard work.

The faster this process is pushed through, the sooner it will be over.

There is no soft option, and there is no avoiding it, unless one has chosen to stay in third for the purposes of continuing to learn.

There are a multitude of different methods available to assist with the ‘ascension symptoms’, to ground,protect, raise light quotient further, and everyone will have their preferences and favourites.

The Higher Realms are available to assist on any level with anything that they are asked of, and have total loving empathy for all living on this planet.

Many of them have experienced life here themselves in physical bodies, and understand that life here can be testing on all levels.

Bearing this in mind, I have created a Huna Prayer to bring harmony, peace and healing flow to those feeling out of alignment.

This works on the same principle as the Abundance prayer. A Huna Prayer is a concentrated method of manipulating energy to achieve a desired result. They cut out the ‘middle man’ process of manifestation by creating directly what is required, with a simple ‘no mind’ request to Source.

The Huna Prayer for Ascension Symptoms

Beloved Archangels Metatron, Michael and Raphael.

I (name), Child of the Light, call for the immediate balancing of my Light Quotient inflow here on Earth.

I invoke the loving assistance of the Pan Medical Corps to bring balance and harmony to my four body system.

I release all my fear reactions to Highest Source, understanding that change is upon me and that I am supported every step of the way.

I live, breath and expand joyfully, every second of every day,

I AM balance,

I AM unity,

I AM Living Love.

I AM A Walking Master

I AM my Higher Self


(Repeat three times)

My Beloved Higher Self and Highest Source, I now request from centre of my Glowing Heart, that this manifestation is activated with immediate effect.

I now stand on this planet with glowing, radiant health.

(Breathe this prayer to Source using the power of intention)

Higher Source Love and Light, I now receive my blessings.


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