IMG_0211.JPGEach time the energy intensifies in this dimension, more is revealed of our own true essence. In order to achieve this we undergo a rigorous ‘breaking down’ process which strips the ballast from our lightbodies and emotional fields.The experiences an individual may have during this is a direct reflection of what is needed to be cleared.

Once the Blood Moon passed and the Mercury Retrograde did their work, things started to feel distinctly different here.

We have returned by choice to living life on Earth under the Law of One.

This guidance for physical life was created over 260,000 years ago. The energies that it bring are very noticeable in so much as we now face physical results for all internal and external processing.

Many describe the waking day as a sea of highs and lows. The second a thought enters the intension phase it manifests as an emotion within our individual fields.

As well as navigating our own reflections we now share the reflections of many others. The naval chakra has anchored within enough souls now to allow our Multi-versal connections to spread around our own planet.

The results of this are visible. Society is starting to take action on a united scale to illuminate the imbalances that exist, and this will rapidly gain momentum.

Look for miracles and you will find them.

The most prominent aspect of this phase is the creation of our belief systems into solid reality. This is a unique process here on Earth due to the fact that we are learning to ‘out-love the ego’ and starting to create from out hearts desires once again.

Very soon the 11.11 gateway will be upon us, bringing forth the largest flood of light to this planet yet. Be ready in whatever way suits you best as we now get to apply our soul missions to our life here.

If you are still looking for this mission, relax. Allow your heart to guide you in the correct direction and most importantly, follow your hearts voice above all else.

Invocation to The Law of One.

“ I (name), Walking Master of Light, hereby anchor the higher principles of The Law of One into my physical life.

I allow grace to guide every thought, word and deed.

I allow my intentions to be pure of heart.

I manifest for the higher good of all around me.

I allow karma to balance my life and my planet.

I am responsible for myself and all that I create.

I now create the space to love myself and others unconditionally.

I AM The Law of One.

As Within, So Without.

As Above, So Below. It is done.”

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