Luxor Light Dispensation 3Today, on the 22nd November , a third in the series of Luxor Light Dispensations has been authorised by the Higher Forces, Archangel Metatron and colleagues, to assist with the Ascension process here on Earth.

Right now, as you read this, the energetical changes to HUmanity and Beloved Gaia are well and truly underway.

The personal transformations in each and every one of you has been blessed by the Higher Fifth Dimensional Crystalline Matrix, and the process of ‘installing’ this within every facet of HUmanity is a reality that all are waking up to, with each passing breath.

There is a sea of beautiful information about this out there, many of you swim in it on a daily basis, confirming your new reality yet further.

Many souls, especially those in tune consciously or un-consciously with the drastic changes have really felt as though they have been through the mill.

Personal upheaval is rife as all harmonise with the intention of their life mission and Higher Self.

Physical symtoms have manifested predominantly also,as the Fifth Dimensional chakra column descends to replace the old one, and the density, karma and lessons of many lifetimes are literally dragged into the Light to be disintegrated.

And, all of this, apart from on really rough days, is welcomed with joyous open arms.

Freedom, at last, to manifest and express ourselves as Walking Masters.

So the question is, do we need yet more Light bestowed upon us, when we are already saturated with Light Codes, DNA change, Solar X Flares, Lunar Supermoons and teeth rattling retrogrades?

My answer is YES, we do.

Gaia Harmonics are running to a tight and pre-set schedule. It’s up to HUmanity to keep up now.

The more light we receive, the faster we evolve.

Everyone reading this will be very aware of their personal and energetic state. Light and focus has been turned sharply inwards to boost that intimate level of self awareness, and thus opening the gate for Mastery.

The matter that is of issue though, is the large pocket of souls that are seemingly oblivious to the changes, and have managed to remain completely detached, probably through lifetimes of repeated lessons and karma, from their connection to Source.

The benchmark for the Ascension process was initially working on a ‘percentage passed’ rate. 80 – 83% light quotient is needed to be retained by the physical body to achieve the initialisation of the process.

So the Ascension Commitee were looking for a healthy number of souls holding at least 75% by the Cosmic Portal opening on 21/12/12, but the head count on the day was not even close.

So…here we are now, awakening beautifully under our own steam, with Gaia fully Matrixed and ready to go to the next level.

Earth is the most fabulous school to learn and progress because it is so tough here. Every effort is being made to assist our brothers and sisters to see what’s truly here for them, and I feel calmly confidant that the next few years will bring many smiles, and much love to once closed hearts and minds.

The previous two Light Dispensations, authorised by Archangel Metatron, Thoth and the Ascension Team, have been felt and received by everyone with open arms.

The 22nd November will provide another shower of blessings for humanity and HUmanity, but there will be a slightly different ingredient in this one.

The Sphinx Energy has existed on Earth since time began.

In Atlantis, in the Temple of Poseidon, a huge statue of the Sphinx stood on the Eastern Gate, and was revered and loved by the Atla-Ra.

When Atlantis fell for the final time, the High Priest Ra harnessed the Sphinx Energy and took it with us to Ancient Khem, where it was transferred into the current Sphinx that stands by the Pyramids.

The Sphinx Energy represents pure creationary Godforce and is predominantly Divine Feminine in constitution.

In harmony with our planetary evolution, and the rebalancing of Divine Feminine energies on this planet, the third Light Dispensation will contain nearly 100% pure Sphinx Godforce.

Be ready to receive this beautiful Golden-white energy into every facet of your being.

To acknowledge and receive, the invocation is very similar to the previous one.

It is a powerful statement of intent and will help the energies to be manifested in precisely the manner that they are required.

I (name), Walking Master of Light, gratefully accept and receive my Luxor Light Dispensation.

I integrate this blessing into every facet of my Ascended Crystalline Cellular Matrix.

I now blend, activate and harmonise with the Sphinx energies and The Feminine Christ Light.

I AM the Power of a Thousand Suns.

I AM a Walking Master

Blessed be to All That Is.



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